Zhuanzhuan 618 battle report: B2C sales exceeded 218 million, and customer unit price increased by 20%

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 Titanium Media App reported on June 19 that Zhuanzhuan Group released the 618 battle report, and second-hand consumption showed a trend of high-quality growth against the trend. 28 Hours Group's B2C business sales exceeded 218 million yuan, and the unit price of mobile 3C customers increased by 22.87%. Among them, more than 87,000 second-hand mobile phones were bought by consumers, and the sales of 3C digital goods also increased by 80.22% year-on-year.  The top 5 mobile phone brands with big sales this year are Apple, Xiaomi (including Redmi), Huawei, vivo and OPPO. Compared with last year, most of the hot-selling second-hand models this year are mid-to-high-end flagships. Among them, the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 series account for a substantial increase in the top 10 second-hand mobile phone sales; in the domestic mobile phone list, Huawei and Xiaomi flagships Models have also entered the list.

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