¥0.03/day is about equal to the 865M/day ladder traffic tutorial

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## Airport




[Akkcloud](https://ift.tt/hl32tQf “Akkcloud”)

## Basic package traffic

We choose this package of `¥12/100G/year`, then the basic daily traffic we get is `¥0.03/280M/day`


## Advanced package traffic

If you feel that it is not enough, you can also choose the `¥23/200G/year` package or the data overlay package

![WeChat screenshot_20220620150538.png](https://ift.tt/VG2q1uR)

## Sign in to prostitute traffic

We can also get hundreds of M traffic by checking in every day. The measured average daily traffic for two months (60 days) is `424+582+780+968+913+626+688+786+508+844 +964+978+357+326+686+557+457+128+693+123+664+306+492+731+900+141+295+619+927+919+191+571+661+411+264 +340+744+393+230+165+823+149+781+272+879+941+294+733+981+924+912+950+248+347+648+643+209+833+195+1003 = 35117 / 60 ~= 585M/day`, as long as you cooperate with the sign-in script, you will be able to prostitute for free.

![WeChat screenshot_20220618095435.png](https://ift.tt/sdiDjGA)

## Sign in the prostitution script


Language used: `TypeScript`

Instructions for use:

1. You can directly deploy it to Qinglong. If you have or use another sign-in platform, please transplant it yourself.

2. For account password configuration, directly modify the Akkcloud/signin.ts file.

## Set meal recommendation

1. `¥12/100G/year` + `Check-in` = `¥0.03/280M/day` + `¥0.00/585M/day` = `¥0.03/865M/day`

2. `¥12/100G/year` + `Sign-in` + `¥8/100G/year, overlay package` = `¥0.03/280M/day` + `¥0.00/585M/day` + `¥0.02/280M /day` = `¥0.05/1145M/day`

3. `¥12/100G/year` + `Sign-in` + `¥16/200G/year, overlay package` = `¥0.03/280M/day` + `¥0.00/585M/day` + `¥0.04/560M /day` = `¥0.07/1425M/day`

4. `¥23/200G/year` + `Sign-in` + `¥16/200G/year, superimposed package` = `¥0.06/560M/day` + `¥0.00/585M/day` + `¥0.04/560M /day` = `¥0.10/1705M/day`

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