04.26 Contact


We have really lost touch.

She doesn’t seem to like communicating through words.

Just a few words a day, um or oh

After meeting, he was very enthusiastic.

She invited me to play at her house the night before,

I was halfway through and she came out to meet me,

Her hands were wrapped around my waist, and I could tell she was very happy.

Her father and grandmother are in the house.

When I enter the house, my uncle is no longer lying down,

Sit up, pack up your clothes and go back upstairs,

give us space.

I’m sorry to disturb Uncle’s rest.

Grandma also said that uncle is the same as my father,

They don’t know how to say it, and they are practical.

In the end,

We hug at the door,

Explain to her what happened that day.

She bit me hard,

I buried my head in my arms and cried.

I think I really felt “helpless”,

Grabbing the corner of my shirt, I sobbed in my arms.

I promise she won’t be like this in the future.

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