Android phone space cleanup: The phone folders are all in English, you dare not delete the space, teach you a trick to save 10G of memory!

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After using the phone for a period of time, many people will clean up the memory, because during the use process, a lot of junk files will be accumulated, but after a simple cleaning, there is no relief, and even the prompt message of insufficient memory is still received.

If we want to really clean up, we must delete these files, but they are all marked in English, and many people dare not delete them. Today, I will show you the English folders in the phone that can be deleted.


First of all, we can enter the mobile phone desktop, there is a setting called file management on the desktop, click to enter, you can see these English folders.


Folders that can be deleted

Album folder, there are too many pictures in the album, it is too troublesome to delete a single one, you can delete the folder directly, you can delete the album pictures together, but it is recommended to check whether the pictures in the album still need, and then delete .


Tencent folder, which stores some software data of Tencent, such as our commonly used QQ, Tencent video, etc., the cached files in these can be deleted in time, otherwise it will occupy more mobile phone space.


The cache folder contains browsing data and cached data generated when we browse web pages and use applications. These data are browsing archives, and they will not be used twice after browsing.


Data center infrastructure management facilities. It mainly stores photos and videos. A high-definition photo will occupy three or four megabytes of space. If dozens and hundreds of photos are accumulated together, the number will be relatively large. If you delete this folder, the phone memory will naturally be lost. get bigger


Temporary folder, which stores these temporary browsing software, although it is temporary, but he will not delete it by himself, we still need to find him and delete it manually, and the temporary file has no effect after time, so Better to delete it sooner.

35D24CF7-6B7C-44BE-B017-A373F8C7ADB5.jpeg The above folders can be deleted, so have you learned it?

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