07.24 Mumbling

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caught in the morning,

Ask me why I didn’t go to work after 8:30.


If I don’t tell you when you want to go,

Do you go so late every day?

You make money just like you do,

I am exhausted every day, you are still sleeping at home after noon,

You work, if I had fired you earlier,

make you lazy,

Just don’t go there and raise a big one at home,

Let’s see what you eat, drink the northwest wind


What my mother didn’t know was,

get off work every day at 6:30,

I worked until 8.30 yesterday, it was getting dark,

I rode an electric bike home alone,

You ask me why I don’t get up early in the morning,

because I’m lazy,

After I got here in the morning, no one came until 9.30,


And finally complain to dad,

tell me again. . . .

I kind of want to turn this off.

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