accept impermanence

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Anxiety and vulnerability are the norm in life, and strength can only be gained after giving up hope and accepting impermanence.

I always say something – change is the only constant . The reason behind it is that I have seen too many changes in my past experience.

The industry is changing, the profession is changing, everything is changing, all we can do is to face these impermanence calmly (even if you don’t want to face it, impermanence will not disappear), and then realize that impermanence is the norm . And master the ability to deal with impermanence.

This is why I prefer to be a “craftsman” rather than a screw from a big factory. The anti-risk ability of screws is too poor, the pursuit of stability and normalization, but there is no stability in life, every day is a new and different day.

Accept impermanence and face the world calmly.

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