1 new case of local asymptomatic infection in Shanghai


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 According to the Titanium Media App on August 14, data from the National Health and Health Commission showed that from 0 to 24:00 on August 13, 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) and the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps reported 684 new confirmed cases. Among them, 61 were imported cases (15 in Beijing, 13 in Guangdong, 11 in Fujian, 8 in Shanghai, 4 in Shandong, 4 in Sichuan, 3 in Shaanxi, 2 in Inner Mongolia, and 1 in Jilin), including 4 asymptomatic cases. The infected were converted into confirmed cases (1 in Beijing, 1 in Guangdong, 1 in Sichuan, and 1 in Shaanxi); 623 local cases (494 in Hainan, 59 in Tibet, 24 in Zhejiang, 14 in Guangdong, 10 in Jiangxi, and 10 in Inner Mongolia). 6 cases, 4 cases in Sichuan, 3 cases in Fujian, 3 cases in Chongqing, 2 cases in Xinjiang, 1 case in Hubei, 1 case in Guangxi, 1 case in Shaanxi, 1 case in Qinghai), including 31 cases from asymptomatic infection to confirmed cases (Zhejiang 21 cases, 3 cases in Hainan, 2 cases in Guangdong, 2 cases in Xinjiang, 1 case in Inner Mongolia, 1 case in Guangxi, and 1 case in Chongqing). No new deaths were reported. No new suspected cases were reported.

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