Fast as lightning, fast as wind, rainbow goddess leaps in the sky, Go language high-performance web framework Iris project combat – initialization project ep00

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In the world of GolangWeb programming, high performance means nothing, but high performance must be called Iris. The name of the rainbow goddess is resounding all over the world, and the name moves all corners of the world. No one can match the fast word alone. Even Gin, who is known for her simplicity and lightness, is hard to beat. I saw the rainbow goddess Iris looking back with a sultry smile. Heart: “Although you are not that slow, but I am still a little bit faster…” This time, let us take a look at the beauty of the rainbow goddess Iris, and feel the magic of the fastest web framework in the universe. There are many reference levels for Iris to choose a framework, such as flexibility, scalability, API friendliness, document detail, project activity, community contributions, etc., but performance and memory usage are definitely the priority for reference On an important level, there is no other reason, the world’s martial arts, only fast can not be broken, as the so-called one quickly covers a hundred ugliness, the economy is down, and the cost reduction and efficiency increase…

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