125 million shares of Bank of Guizhou were auctioned by judicial auction, with a total starting price of about 226 million

According to information from the Ali judicial auction platform, about 125 million shares of Guizhou Bank held by Zunyi Tianan Industrial will be split into 6 public auctions in mid-August, with a cumulative starting price of about 226 million yuan. Calculated based on the total share capital of Bank of Guizhou, the total shareholding mentioned above accounts for about 0.86% … This is the second time that a large share of Bank of Guizhou has been auctioned publicly this year. In April this year, 166 million shares of the bank held by Anshun State-owned Assets Management Co., Ltd. were split into 8 auctions. In the end, Guizhou Water Conservancy Investment Group spent about 265 million yuan to bid for the aforementioned equity.
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