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──Gender. society—

1. [There is life in “waste” ? “Life of the Epidemic” new book sharing conversation] (Ph.D. storyteller)

Event URL: reurl.cc/9GgGgx

Time: July 22 (Fri) 19:30-21:00​
Theme: Epidemic is the new crown epidemic that shakes the world, and also refers to the physical and mental epidemic of loss, blockage, and frustration in life; Sheng is life, life, and production, and it also represents rebirth after catastrophe. When the external turmoil occurred during the pandemic years, the inner mania and depression were allowed to emerge, so that it could be digested and cleaned up, and a deeper and wider space was obtained. This is the birth of the epidemic, and it is alive because of the epidemic. As yoga, writing, and cat lovers, the two authors, Xu Jingfang and Ke Caichen, have walked side by side in each other’s life journeys. In this dialogue, the two will reflect on their life course, have a dialogue with the pain, numbness and confusion they once had, let go of their attachments and accept themselves. Let’s explore together in the pandemic, inject living water into life, love ourselves back, and give us rebirth!
Xu Jingfang (author of this book, doctoral storyteller, doctoral editor)
Ke Caizen (writer, yoga travel companion and cat lover)
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2. [“Falling in Love with Argentine Tango”: A Cultural Journey of Gender and Dance Encounter] (Female Bookstore)

Event URL: reurl.cc/b21EqE

Time: July 23 (Sat) 14:00-16:30​
Theme: Essay Collection “Falling in Love with Argentine Tango”, the author Lin Jingling fell in love with tango after watching Sally Porter’s “Dream Dance” directed and acted by fate. She gave up her identity as a scholar when she was in her forties and wore dancing shoes. , dance clothes, embark on a journey to Argentina to realize your dream. Our culture views grief as a negative, excluded, or masked emotion. Since the imperfection of life is a necessity, you can be angry, sad, and you can choose to be honest with yourself. ​On this trip, she not only learned tango, but also reflected on gender and culture. It was also a literary, cultural and spiritual journey.​
Speaker: Fan Qing (Deputy Director of Tamsui Community University, Consultant of Taiwan Women’s Imaging Society) ​
Moderator: Zheng Meili (Community College Humanities Academic Lecturer, former editor-in-chief of Nvshu Culture)​
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– Contemporary. cross domain —

3. [The past, present and future of K-POP in mobile recording studio lectures] (liked by RTI Events)

Event URL: fb.me/e/3CtkPhgSL

Time: July 23 (Sat) 14:00-16:00​
Theme: In the past two decades, the prosperity of Korean cultural content, games and popular culture is obvious to all. In the output of South Korea’s cultural industry, it is usually crowned with the English initial letter “K” representing South Korea. For example, Korean dramas and Korean pop songs have a concise and powerful “K-drama” and “K-pop”. ‘s nickname. “K-drama” from Lee Young-ae’s “Dae Jang Geum” to Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin’s “Crash Landing on Love”; “K-pop” from Kulong (member Goo Junye), who married Taiwanese artist Da S, to sweeping Global Gangnam Uncle Psy, BTS Bulletproof Youth League, South Korea created a new era of pop music. Mr. Lu Kailang came to Taiwan during the period when the Korean wave culture was widely spread internationally and became a hot topic. From a graduate student to a TV travel host and a regular member of the “WTO Sisterhood” program; he has a strong interest in the Korean pop music industry and has participated in the The Hallyu concert and fan meeting held by Taiwan are the best candidates to share the Hallyu cultural industry.
Host: Bai Zhaomei (host of the Korean program of China Central Radio)
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4. [Interpretation of pop music is to interpret an era] (Wind from Hong Kong@enclave|Taiwan-Hong Kong Dialogue Salon)

Event URL: reurl.cc/3odYV9

Time: July 24th (Sunday) 15:00-17:30​
|Hong Kong: Chen Jiaming|
Ph.D. in Cultural Studies, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, specializing in film and popular culture, and animal and ecological humanities; during the lectures at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the Hang Seng University of Hong Kong, he opened “Celebrities, Stars and Hong Kong Pop Culture” and “South Korean Pop Culture” respectively. course. Recent works include “Writing Before They Extinct – Hong Kong Animal Culture”, “Memorandum for the Next Round of Cantonese Song Prosperity – Hong Kong Music Variations” (co-authored with Wu Tzuyu and Seaside Bar)

|Taiwan: Ma Shifang|
Taiwanese broadcaster and writer. Author of prose series “Underground Nostalgia Blues”, “Book of Yesterday”, “Lend My Ear”, editor-in-chief of “Taiwan Pop Music 200 Best Albums”, “Forty Time and Space Map of Folk Songs”, “Bab Dylan Songs and Poems”, etc. He also taught at National Taiwan University of Science and Technology and Taipei University of the Arts.
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–history. Art -​

5. [Underground Kinmen Battlefield Secrets] (2022 Kinmen Military Heritage Online Lecture Series)

Event URL: reurl.cc/0pYXVK

Time: July 22 (Fri) 19:00-21:00​
Lecturer: Li Bingjun (Kinmen military history and local literature and history worker, director of the Kinmen Battlefield Historical Relic Society​​​)
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6.【To draw ink together. Online Literature Camp] (Taichung Literature Award)

Event URL: fb.me/e/24ZDhB6u3

Time: July 23 (Sat) – July 24 (Sun)
Subject: Don’t want to go anywhere in the hot summer? It doesn’t matter, the Taichung Literature Award will help everyone think about it!
Writers Chen Xue, Wu Xiaole, poet Lin Dejun, and screenwriter Lin Menghuan of psychic girl are specially invited to take everyone from novels to poems and plays on the weekend of July, to feel the charm of creation and the cool wind of literature. , Let’s write together in the cloud, and draw ink is not lonely!
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–public. human rights–

7. [Learn from the perpetrators how to measure the distance between us and evil – Online Lecture of the new book “The Sins of Our Fathers”] (Acropolis Publishing)

Event URL: fb.me/e/1C2Ue9HgJ

Time: July 21 (Thursday) 19:30-21:00​
The takeaway: Too often people refer to themselves as victims, even perceived perpetrators such as Nazi participants and German citizens who acquiesce to their actions. Therefore, when talking about the injustice of the past, the focus is always on the suffering of the victims and the evil of the perpetrators, but in fact, this almost presupposes the good of the victims and the bad of the perpetrators. In doing so, we also lose sight of how so-called perpetrators understand the world and see themselves, and lose sight of the fact that we take seriously the dichotomy of good and evil that may obscure some important moral dimensions.
Oran’s Eichmann, Neimen’s early postwar Germans, can teach us perhaps far more than arguments about the good, or the dogmas of what is good. If these reflections and lessons about morality are understood as a kind of negative ethics, we may get a glimpse of the meaning of this book from this perspective.
Speaker: Ye Hao (Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, National Chengchi University)
Moderator: Zhang Huijing (Editor-in-Chief of Acropolis Publishing)
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8. [Douzhen Reading Exhibition – The Ultimate Choice of Taiwanese Youth Going Left and Going Right] (Taiwan New Culture Movement Memorial Hall)

Event URL: reurl.cc/zZmr6k

Time: July 23 (Sat) 14:00-15:00​
Theme: This time, we will review the history of the Cultural Association through the diary of a Hsinchu native who used to be a reporter for the “Taiwan People’s Daily”, such as the “police police incident”, “the powerless conference” to the article. At the moment when the Association split in January 1927… These major cultural events and the current atmosphere of the times have somewhat affected the subsequent gentry, intellectuals and the public’s imagination of Taiwanese society, and then prompted new actions to take place. Through this “former reporter”‘s personal experience or experience, we seem to be able to understand the daily life of the Cultural Association in the 1920s from the front line.

I wonder if any of the classmates have guessed his identity? Shh, don’t give the answer yet, let’s read the exhibition with Mr. Wu Liangheng!
Reader: Mr. Wu Liangheng (the business manager of Story Studio, who is deeply involved in the history of Taiwan. Although Taiwan has only a short history of a few hundred years, there are still many historical materials that have not been released, so there are still many intriguing stories waiting to be read. tell)
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