2021 Economic Operation Report of China’s Chemical Pharmaceutical Industry (Report attached)

The overall operation of the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry

2021 is the second year of the global outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, and the importance attached to the pharmaceutical industry at home and abroad is gradually increasing. Affected by the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic to varying degrees, the world economic situation is complex and severe, and the requirements for the stability, soundness and perfection of the industrial chain and supply chain have increased, which has brought challenges to the export of my country’s traditional advantageous products and the extension to higher value chains.

2021 is the first year of my country’s “14th Five-Year Plan” development plan, and it is also an important year for deepening the reform of the medical and health system. Under the guidance of the “14th Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development of the People’s Republic of China and the Outline of Vision for 2035”, various regions and departments across the country have successively issued their own “14th Five-Year” development plans. During the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, the environment and conditions for the development of the pharmaceutical industry will undergo great changes. The pharmaceutical industry will enter a high-quality development stage of innovation-driven development, industrial chain modernization and transformation, and transformation to an international industrial system.

In 2021, the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic will continue, people’s attention to health will continue to increase, residents’ health consumption will be upgraded, and the demand for related pharmaceutical products will gradually expand, and the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry will maintain a stable development trend. According to data from the National Bureau of Statistics, the overall economic operation of the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry1 will be stable in 2021, and the added value of the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry will increase by 24.8% over the previous year, 15.2 percentage points higher than that of industries above designated size, and 18.9 percentage points faster than 2020. The realized operating income increased by 19.1% over the previous year and 26.4% over 2019; the realized profit increased by 68.7% over the previous year and 102.7% over 2019; the realized export delivery value increased by 46.6% over the previous year and 115.7% over 2019 %.

Since pharmaceutical products are special commodities, and medical institutions are the largest purchasers of pharmaceutical products, the problem of payment recovery has always been a big problem for pharmaceutical companies. In 2021, the average recovery period of accounts receivable in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry will be 63.3 days, a decrease of 2.3 days from the previous year, but still 13.8 days slower than that of industries above designated size. Under the guidance of relevant national policies and the reform of the industry operation mode, the delay in payment for goods has eased, but there is still a certain gap compared with other manufacturing industries.

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