China’s warehouse automation industry in-depth report forecast: a brief analysis of the warehouse automation market (with report)

Informatization, digitization, automation and intelligence of warehouse management coexist

The development history of modern logistics is the history in which the proportion of inventory costs in logistics costs has gradually decreased. Informatization, digitization, automation and intelligence of warehouse management coexist, helping enterprises in warehouse management in different backgrounds and stages of enterprise development. The link has been completed to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Warehousing management plays an important role in logistics and is also an important part of logistics informatization

The total amount of social logistics continues to rise, and logistics has become an inseparable choice in current social production and life. The starting point of logistics informatization is warehousing and logistics management.

Warehousing operation is the most important part of the entire warehouse management, involving the software and hardware coordination of multiple processes. Warehousing operations need to coordinate the information management and operation management of shipments and purchases.

The industry is highly fragmented, the warehousing resources of fast-moving consumer goods cannot be effectively utilized, and the innovation of warehousing management is promising

The warehouse of FMCG dealers lacks auxiliary tools: if they encounter a relatively large workload, such as goods warehousing, dealers generally employ temporary stevedores for loading and unloading. Usually, the goods with high frequency and small single quantity are shipped out of the warehouse by the salesman or driver.

Distributors in the FMCG industry generally have insufficient investment in informatization: due to cost considerations, warehouses are often multi-functional, with a small number of SKUs and a small sales scale. Traditional solutions are heavy and have innovative needs. and opportunities.

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