2022 Blockchain Technology and Financial Application Security White Paper (with report)


In recent years, my country’s digital economy has developed rapidly and achieved remarkable results. Emerging digital technologies represented by blockchain are increasingly integrated into the entire process of economic and social development, realizing the deep integration of digital technology and the real economy, and promoting the high-quality digital economy. develop.

As one of the “new infrastructure” infrastructures, blockchain technology has been widely used in key areas such as financial economy, social and people’s livelihood, government affairs governance, and commercial trade. The high requirements and high standards for network security and risk management in these application fields make the security of blockchain technology and the privacy of blockchain applications become the focus of attention of all parties. Although the blockchain technology itself has the characteristics of decentralization, distributed storage, anti-tampering, traceability, etc., its security is much higher than that of the traditional network system, but there are still some security risks in the application process of blockchain technology.

This white paper focuses on analyzing the security issues of the blockchain technology system and the security issues in the application of blockchain in key financial fields, and proposes a risk response framework for each security issue, so that readers can understand the potential security issues of blockchain technology and applications. and have a clear understanding of how to deal with it. Finally, this white paper looks forward to the development of blockchain security in my country, and expects to further improve the security of blockchain technology and applications in terms of strengthening autonomy and controllability, deepening standard construction, building infrastructure, and strengthening technology integration, etc. The safe and healthy development of my country’s blockchain industry.

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