May 2022

Answer some recent questions

Today’s content to solve some problems encountered recently. 1. As long as you keep writing, will you be rewarded? A: There is a theory called “the 10,000-hour rule”, which means that as long as you work 10,000 hours in a certain field, you can become an expert in this field. Unfortunately, this theory has been […]

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Read “Dragon Egg”

“Dragon Egg” “Dragon Egg” is the work of American science fiction writer Robert Forward, telling the story of the encounter and interaction between the earth and a civilization located on a neutron star. The setting of this story is very interesting, and the main plot is related to a neutron star called “Dragon Egg”. We

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The allure of Cloak

Trying to cloak is a self-evident principle that allows affiliates to make huge profits from Campaigns. Indeed, for a cloaker his entire business can function better, depending on his ability to ‘hide’. One more reminder about cloaking: this is a somewhat dangerous practice, the cloak program will connect (link) the person who approves (allow) your

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How did RISC-V succeed?

The birth of the RISC-V processor architecture undoubtedly excites many people. However, while many say RISC-V heralds a wider open-source hardware movement, it’s unclear exactly why this architecture has been successful, and whether it will drive more open-source chip cores Appearance is also completely unknown. “RISC-V has become the architecture of choice for many chip

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