The allure of Cloak

Trying to cloak is a self-evident principle that allows affiliates to make huge profits from Campaigns. Indeed, for a cloaker his entire business can function better, depending on his ability to ‘hide’.

One more reminder about cloaking: this is a somewhat dangerous practice, the cloak program will connect (link) the person who approves (allow) your ad to a page (an acceptable version), while the person who clicks the ad connects (links) to the Other (link people who click on your ad to another) page (like a page like Flog or Farticle)

Note: For the art of deception in Cloaking, you can refer to these two articles:

By cloaking your landing page, you can run more aggressive campaigns. For example, there are many Campaigns that are not approved by strict traffic sources such as Facebook or Google. Cloaking is an unwelcome approach to all traffic sources.

If found, your account will be blocked at any time, and even the funds in the account will be frozen. I have no idea of ​​Cloak, which is why I gave up the Facebook traffic source. Most Affiliates who can make money using high-risk strategies on Facebook are largely dependent on Facebook’s inability to consistently police their behavior.

So what goes on every day… is a game of cat and mouse. You’ll find Affiliates trying to make five-figure profits on Facebook from weight loss products only to have their accounts banned overnight and nothing. For some people, the temptation of such huge and easy profits is too great, so they are desperate to create a lot of accounts to do this.

If you like this business model, if you have the idea of ​​doing cloak, then it is easy to succeed. You may be facing a structural and organizational issue from the bottom of the business model, or even a legal issue. And Cloaking will never just get banned by Facebook. Locking is a scourge for almost all types of traffic sources, but as a Cloaker might say…it’s an opportunity.


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