202207: Everyone is bitter and hot, I love long summer

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1st week of July

  • After reading “Shouting in the Drizzle” , I am amazed that there are so many details in my childhood to recall, amazed by the meticulous observation of life, amazed that there are so many hardships hidden in the rural life of my ancestors…
  • Finish reading Making Consumers: A Global History of Consumerism . I have been aware of the concept of “consumerism” before, but I did not understand it in depth. This book is an enlightening read in this regard, and it really opens up a new perspective. Don’t advertise yourself with the most common and flooded products, it’s just a trap for merchants.
  • Life is Not Short , life is just enough to realize one of your dreams, provided that you have to focus all your energy on it from the very beginning. If you waste time and don’t focus enough, then you don’t do anything and your life is over. Von Neumann, the inventor of the modern computer, seems to be a good example .
  • Continue jogging this week and run a total of 18.68 kilometers. The gain of insisting on exercising is that my physical strength has improved a little bit. At the beginning, I ran out of breath for 3 kilometers, and now I can run 5 kilometers in one breath. Slowly increase to 10 kilometers without panting.
  • It supports domestic production and bought a Xiaomi notebook. This time, I specially picked one with a graphics card (RTX 3060). It is too heavy and is only suitable for cutting videos in the office.
  • I went to Tongliang District, Chongqing City on the weekend, and their rural living environment work is really better than other districts and counties.

2nd week of July

  • This round of crypto market bubbles are not as frothy as the Internet bubble of the year. The total market value of Nasdaq that year was 6.6 trillion, which was equivalent to 1/5 of the global stock market value. The total market value of this round of encryption was up to 2.9T, while the total global stock market value was about 110 T, so the market value of the encrypted market accounted for less than 3% of the world (currently The price of Bitcoin, which ranks first by market value, is about $20,000 per piece).
  • 筷子小手updated an article: Tanghe Ancient Town: A plain photo of Bayu Ancient Town .
  • What’s on the other side of the mountain? It’s still a mountain, which is actually pretty boring. But only someone who has climbed can say that.
  • After reading Wang Xiaobo’s “Silver Age” . Personally, the best part of reading this book is the final collection of letters, which is like driving out of a tunnel. I also recovered the appearance of their feelings from the correspondence between Wang Xiaobo and Li Yinhe, and found some shadows of myself. Is this my wishful projection?
    1. Don’t do it! Have a party!
    2. I am a bit of a dual personality, indifference is on the surface, hippie is also on the surface. Very embarrassed to admit this. Inside, very childish and stupid.
    3. The sadder I get, the more I think of hippies.
    4. I want my ego to sizzle and toss forever, like a drop of sugar on a charcoal.
    5. There are two kinds of people in this world, one is fucker and the other is fuckee. Elites always feel that they are fuckers. Seeing that everyone else is a fuckee, they should be top and others should be bottom.
  • After reading Fei Xiaotong’s “Rural China” . First, after reading Wang Xiaobo’s book, I searched for Li Yinhe and found that she was under the tutelage of Fei Xiaotong; second, because there happened to be a few Fei Xiaotong books in the office and I was in contact with rural work, so I opened this book Book. A few feelings:
    • The rural society cannot meet the requirements of large-scale collaboration, and the bandwidth is insufficient.
    • China is in the transition stage from rural society to modern society, and small county towns are the gray areas of the two social structures. The foundation of modern social economy is the division of labor. The division of labor makes it impossible for everyone to live without asking for others. The local society emphasizes self-sufficiency and self-discipline. Therefore, in the transition process, it is very understandable for people in small counties to talk about the world.
    • The structure of rural society is like the ripples that are pushed out in circles when a stone is thrown on the water. Each person is the center of the circle that his social influence pushes out. Push it out in circles, and the further you push it, the thinner you push it.
  • Looking for an exit alone.
  • Renewing the domain name of this site costs $40 for two years, which is still a bit expensive!
  • It was a high temperature of 40 degrees every day for 7 days this week, and I still insisted on running. I ran a total of 13.81 kilometers in 7 days.

3rd week of July

  • After reading the book “Small Town Hustle: The Deduction and Interpretation of the Political Operation of a Township” . As a local, the interpretation of some dialects in the book is wrong. People inside and outside the system have different perspectives on this book. From my own work experience, many of the contents in the book are out of touch with reality. The new generation of scholars sees and writes with a layer of things in between, but it’s not fun…
  • 筷子小手updated an article: Laohukou Waterfall: Tongliang version of Xiaohukou Waterfall .
  • I sorted out all the articles in the筷子小手series, and put all the pictures in the 2019 articles on my Alibaba Cloud server (you can’t use free picture beds in the future). Starting from July 20, 2019, this public account The content has been written for three years.
  • Accompanying teachers and students of Chongqing University Law School to carry out social practice activities.
  • After reading Camus’ “The Plague” , this is the second book of Camus, and the first “The Outsider” can still find the feeling. But it has to be said that the detailed description of the plague in the book is similar to the current new crown epidemic.
  • Go to Fengdu County, Chongqing City.
  • The temperature finally cooled down over the weekend, and I only ran 6 days this week, with a total of 10.98 kilometers.

4th week of July

  • Finished reading Work, Consumerism, and the New Poor . The second book I read about sociology, DeckHack said that sociology can keep people in a state of introspection at all times, and always maintain a sensitive and skeptical attitude towards self-action, changes in the surrounding small society and external large society​. After reading it feels like this:
    • A career marks the journey of life, is the most important record to trace back to life’s success or failure, and is the main source of self-confidence and hesitation, complacency and self-blame, pride and shame. But in fact, it is totally unnecessary. The primary goal of migrant workers is to support their families and make money. With so many ideals and feelings, they fall into the trap of “aesthetics”. In today’s society, we are all just labor as commodities (commonly known as leeks 😭)
    • The book was first published in 1998.
    • Zygmunt Bauman (Polish: Zygmunt Bauman, November 19, 1925 – January 9, 2017) was a Polish sociologist. In 1971, he was forced to leave the country for anti-Semitism in Poland and went to the United Kingdom to become a professor of sociology at the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom. Bowman is known for linking modernity, the Holocaust, and postmodern consumerism.
    • What exactly is modernization ?
    • Why can the NFT of the boring ape stand out from the crowd of NFTs? The book says, “Desires are free, but to realize desires, and then experience the pleasant state of fulfilling desires, requires resources. The cure for boredom is not covered by medical insurance, money is the place to treat boredom (such as shopping malls, amusement parks or fitness) center)”, boredom has become a common psychological state in the consumer society.
  • 筷子小手update an article: live in the ancient city .
  • It has been the third anniversary of筷子小手. The two founders decided to go out for a meal together. Finally, we chose to eat pepper chicken 😊 .
  • Complete Datacamp’s Git course . The quality of the course is really good. The left side is the explanation, the right side is the IDE directly typing the code, and the interaction is also very good. I heard that the Datacamp certificate is also a bonus for finding data analysis jobs. Do you want to use this to learn Python?
    Certificate screenshot
  • The weather is not so hot this week, so I continued to jog. I asked my friends for advice. If you want to run 5 kilometers in 30 minutes, you need to speed up your stride. It is currently around 130 and is expected to increase to between 150 and 170. 13.12 kilometers in total this week.
    Screenshot of running

5th week of July

  • Complete Datacamp’s Data Science for Everyone course. Learned the basic concepts of four major分工of labor in the data industry,监督学习,聚类分析, and时间序列预测. See that there are data analysis jobs on the website, support remote, and the salary is not bad.
  • To be added.

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