Niuqiang Gorge: Rafting with the screaming rapids and cool rainstorms

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This week, I saw a sunset that changes with the light like silk and satin, and I remembered a paragraph written by Liu Cixin in “Three-Body Problem”:

Do you prefer sunset or morning glow?

I prefer sunset.

Why, why is it sunset?

After the sunset, there are stars and the moon, and after the dawn, there is only the fact of broad daylight.

After teasing children at a friend’s house/gossing about life/after having dinner with mutton fingers and pepper chicken, although it was past eight o’clock, the sky was not completely dark. When I went out and turned right, I saw the sunset that was integrated with the Yangtze River. Sincerely Like the smoke from the kitchen in Shen Fu’s writings, the sunset glows everywhere.

The sunset comes with the sunset, and leaves before the sunset. The weather is hot, but the sunset is really selling happiness for people, just waiting for you to close the stall at 5:30 and go home.


The thought of going rafting made me even more excited. On the weekends, we went to the waterside of the Bulldog Gorge and pretended to be in Hawaii.


Niu Qianxia, ​​which is located half an hour’s drive from Fengdu County, is a relatively small rafting place. But as long as the water is cool enough and the waterway design is exciting enough, everything is not a problem.

⏰ Friendly reminder:

The float has just started in mid-July. On weekdays and holidays, you can enter the venue from 11:00 to 16:00. Buying tickets online one day in advance can save 10 yuan per person. The price of 149 yuan per person is really conscientious, and there is no need to pay for storage and shuttle bus fees.

At the beginning, there will be a slight queue, no more than 10 minutes, and there is no online rumor that some places queue up for four hours and a quarter of an hour. In fact, the drifting time is almost 2 hours, and many people in the downstream are called out of strength. .

The screams of the stormy waves, the otherworldly purity, sometimes the still water is deep, sometimes the rapids are dangerous. The scenery on both sides of the strait is beautiful, surrounded by green mountains.

Beside the reservoir at the starting point, you can see far and wide, Maolin, bamboo and strange rocks, and the stream is crystal clear. Fish and shrimp are running through the water. From a distance, you can enjoy the blue sky, clear water and white clouds, and you can play in the water with friends and feel the coolness.


Watching Schnauzer shivering in two people and one dog, so frightened that he forgot his dog’s water throwing skills; watching couples playing with their mobile phones, accidentally hitting a rock, the boy jumped straight back into the water; watching dad and baby just care about Playing games, the little baby on the opposite side was almost thrown out and was yelled at by the staff; the boy who did not know who fell into the water, but no parents came to find him, the unknown little brother bravely rescued him; watching the two boys The girl who was teasing the next boat ended up capsizing.


It is more of a water fight with a group of people, even if you are not traveling in a group, you will not be lonely. When drifting slowly in the shallows, the rubber boat collided with each other. When someone passes by, you will definitely be accidentally injured. Don’t hesitate to fight back at this time.

At least it is useful for fake social cows like me. This ice-breaking process is much more effective than the ice-breaking session designed in my training.


After being thrown by the water in 36 corners and losing his expression, the experience gained is that children only play with water guns, and adults are directly on the water ladle. When you feel an adult man throw a water scoop on you vigorously, you will sigh that this is much more powerful than a big ear scraper, and the whole ear is instantly deaf.

Drifting in the valley, throwing trivial matters into the wind whistling in the ear, letting the oncoming waves take away the fear and anxiety, and collide with happiness. Even floating in a place where the water is soothing, the forest is leisurely. If life is destined to drift, then let yourself go farther, farther, the future self is far away, go there to meet the new me.

When I was rafting, I met my younger brother, a junior high school student who worked part-time to maintain order in the water. It reminded me of the Nuo delivery in “Border Town” . Because of the high temperature in Chongqing and the long-term soaking in the water, the dark skin seemed to be plated with copper. .


He is not tall but has a strong physique. He always carries the drifting boat to and fro with his hands. He said that he took the high school entrance examination this year, and he could earn 70 yuan a day to work here, including room and board. Human vitality is really lush, and no amount of harsh natural environment can destroy such vitality.

Always striving upwards, but occasionally drifting downwards, often living in tall buildings and not afraid of drowning in torrents, and suddenly became philosophical at the end of drifting.

The pouring rain on the way back wet the skirt and shoes, and the summer showers are really full of poetry. I wanted to rush into the heavy rain countless times, just like when Cai Linbin and Mao Runzhi loved the evening pavilion in Yuelu Mountain. How lucky is it when rafting and heavy rain meet.

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