2023! new year wishes

Text/Liao Chaoguo

Time stumbles and alternates between heaven and earth; years come and go, reincarnation in the world. In the blink of an eye, in 2022, the curtain has come to an end without saying goodbye; in the long-awaited hope, 2023 has awakened the earth with the bell of spring. hello! 2023! When we cross the threshold of the new year, we can’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. In 2022, you have finally passed. In 2023, a brand new day has arrived! We look forward to the New Year with impatience.

Almost all farewells in the world are somewhat reluctant and unforgettable. But only the farewell to the cold winter of 2022 has a different mood. When the epidemic is raging, when the “yang” is hiding in bed and the fever continues, when the throat hurts like a knife, when coughing becomes a standard feature for a while, when you hear that someone around you is “yang” When it was over, the idea of ​​wanting to get rid of it quickly, end it immediately, and say goodbye immediately was stronger than ever. 2022, see you, never see you again!

Human beings are really insignificant. A small virus has tortured human beings for three years, and they still have no way of knowing where it came from and where it is going. Life is really fragile. People who were alive yesterday, once they are infected and lie down, they will lose their air and vitality. In 2022, it will be difficult and sad for everyone. In 2022, one sentence is too difficult to express the days and nights that have passed this year. One sentence is too difficult, just an abstract outline of the magical story.

In the past year, we have overcome big and small hurdles. From the beginning of the year to the end of the year, the epidemic has never subsided. They were either separated on the way or accused of staying at home. Adults work at home, and children take computer and online classes. Either queuing up to do nucleic acid, or scanning codes and waiting for identification. Everyone has become a generalist, and everyone has become a chef. Having no money is the biggest hurdle in life.

In the past year, we have climbed up and down mountains, and it is difficult to cross mountains and mountains. The first half of the year was drought, and the second half of the year was a new crown. We have survived the high temperature and power cuts; we have fought the scorching heat and the severe cold. Thousands of words can’t describe the difficulties of life; thousands of words can’t describe the sadness of a year. What I am most afraid of is silence. Control can be closed with a letter, but the mouth cannot be sealed. The flow of people can be stopped, but the monthly payment of mortgages and car loans cannot be stopped. If there is no work, where will the wages be paid? Hard life is the biggest mountain.

In the past year, we have gone through a tortuous road, and the road is difficult. The system is cutting wages, companies are reducing staff, real estate is in a freezer, and giants are going bankrupt. People become depressed and off-centered. The soul is in urgent need of counseling, the difficulty of life is enough, and the difficulty of the mind is even more terrible.

2022 is a year that is tested again and again by the epidemic, a year in which we struggle again and again, and a year in which our lives are reborn again and again. In 2022, we have loved, hated, hurt, and cried, but in the end we chose to be strong and cheer up. The well-known American writer and screenwriter Gar Zevin said: “In everyone’s life, there is the most difficult year, which makes life beautiful and vast.” May 2022 be such a year in our lives. In 2022, many “one-second crashes” constitute a rough scene of “life is hard”; but after 10,000 crashes, there will always be 10,000 reconstructions; I was scared out of the realistic plot of “a cold sweat”, but at dawn, the poem “No matter how dark the night is, can’t stop the dawn” will ring in my ears. And firmly believe that the sun will eventually shine and moisten everything. At that moment, we really understood Camus’ poem “In the middle of winter, I finally knew that I had an invincible summer in me.”

In fact, our ability to cross 2022 is itself a struggle, a battle! It was a joy! It is a victory! But don’t forget, some people stay in that cold winter forever, and they will never see the coming spring. At this moment, please applaud yourself, give yourself a thumbs up, and thank yourself respectfully!

In 2023, a new starting point, a new journey, a new day, and a new future. Let us write down new expectations, implement new hopes, weave new dreams, make new wishes, and open a new chapter with gratitude, joy, and comfort.

In 2023, I hope, not to be rich and powerful, but to be healthy physically and mentally. After three years of the epidemic, we have a better understanding of the importance of health in life. Only health is the real wealth in life. Health is not everything, but losing health means losing everything. The novelist Liang Fengyi described the importance of health most vividly. He said: “Health is like the number 1. Career, family, status, and money are all 0. With 1, the more 0s behind it, the richer you will be. On the contrary, without 1, Then everything will be gone.” Wealth is like a cloud of smoke, and only health is the root. Health not only refers to the body, but also includes the mind. In the post-epidemic era, it is still important to strengthen psychological construction. Physical and mental health is real health.

In 2023, I hope that instead of asking for groups of friends, I only ask for two or three confidants. People grow up with age, and when they reach a certain age, they will understand that in the end of life, subtraction must be done. Many things are not the more the better, and the right possession is the best. This is the case with friends. Compared with casual acquaintances and false excitement when we were young, after middle age, we need more intimate friends. The principle of large numbers of friends reminds us that there are not many confidantes, but too many ignorance. The best friendship in life is never about how many people you know and how big a social circle you have, but how many confidants you can have who cherish each other and share weal and woe. A confidant is a bosom friend who shines separately at ordinary times and illuminates each other at critical times. When you are successful and go to a high place, he will not be jealous, and will be happy for you from the bottom of your heart; when you are down and down, he will not give up, and will accompany you to fight against the wind and rain.

In 2023, I look forward to not asking for countless money, but only asking for enough money to spend. Money is very important to life, as Oscar Wilde said: “When I was young, I thought money was everything. Now that I am old, I realize that it is true.” But the combination of human greed and the infinity of numbers There will be many sorrows in life. When the money crosses a certain critical point, the amount of money obtained and the sense of happiness will not only increase proportionally, but will be the opposite. The law of diminishing returns in economics also applies to the field of money possession. Money is objectively infinite, but life is limited. A wise person will not ask for countless money, but only to spend enough. There are two major misfortunes in life. One is that people die without spending all their money, and the other is that people have no money to spend while alive. People in heaven, money in the bank is the greatest tragedy in life.

In 2023, I pray that life will not be luxurious, but ordinary and simple. Life returns to the essence of life, in the final analysis is to live. It is impossible for most people to live in luxury, and it is a blessing to live an ordinary, ordinary, and simple life. Ordinary and simple is the true meaning of life. A person’s life is ultimately a dynamic balance, and the usual situation is that no matter how brilliant it is, it will eventually be repaid by loneliness. No matter how extravagant, it will end up being simple and ordinary. Only by maintaining a normal heart can we experience the joy of life and be grateful for everything we have. Don’t always compare, don’t care too much. Live your own life, enjoy life, and don’t compare yourself with others. It can be said that there is no direct relationship between how well others live and how you live. Life is your own business. Comparing creates troubles, and comparing brings pain.

In 2023, I am looking forward to not seeking splendor, but only fireworks in the world. “The smoke and fire in the world is the most soothing to the heart of the mortal.” Firewood, rice, oil, salt, soy sauce, vinegar and tea are the most authentic and down-to-earth life. No matter how rich or prominent you are, you cannot do without such mundane things as food, clothing, housing and transportation. You don’t need delicacies from mountains and seas to eat, you don’t need famous brands to wear, you don’t need luxury cars and villas to live in, ordinary life has its own fun. In fact, no matter how brilliant and brilliant life is, it will eventually return to mediocrity. As Bai Yansong said: “5% of life is happiness, 5% is pain, and the rest is dull.” Ordinary life is the majority of life. There are sufferings and joys, happiness and troubles. If you want to live an ordinary life well, you need rich experience to support it and adjust it with a good attitude. Those who can really do this are actually happy people. Do you still remember how Lin Yutang interpreted happiness in life? He said: “A happy life is nothing more than four things. One is to sleep on your own bed, the second is to eat the meals cooked by your parents, the third is to listen to your lover’s love words, and the fourth is to play games with your children.” Isn’t this the fireworks in the world?

The three-year epidemic has made us finally understand that the ordinary is life, the ordinary is life, simplicity is happiness, peace is happiness, and health is the foundation. We don’t need to expect too much, just step on the ground and be what we like. Life is as plain as water, and the years are quiet and unharmed, that’s enough.

In 2023, I would also like to wish my relatives, friends, and colleagues that everything they do will be smooth, that everything they encounter will be what they want, that they will get what they want, and that what they will get will be what they want! Let’s start a new life with all our strength. Grasp every moment of life, live as a timeless person, let all time and experience become a bonus item, underestimate what is gone and missed, and double the people who stay and what you have Use your heart to make the rest of your life less regretful and more fulfilling!

Miyuki Miyabe, the queen of Japanese reasoning literature and known as the “female Sherlock Holmes”, said: “The word ‘New Year’ is magical. From the old year to the new year, everything will ‘restart’. At the beginning of the new year, everything will be suddenly see the light”. British female writer Janet Winterson said: “Every new year is another opportunity”.

In 2023, let us find new opportunities, start a new journey, and have a new life in a sudden enlightenment!

Written on January 7, 2023 in the waters and sky beside the South Lake

Zuo An Ji: In the new year, always replace the new peach with the old talisman. It’s ok, throw away the bad things in the past that will never come back, change yourself with a brand new mentality, take everything new seriously, and let life be cloudless Let the fog clear and let the beauty restart.

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