500,000th word

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If you are not careful, this blog has already carried 500,000 words, but using TXT as the carrier, it is only 1MB in size.

Today, 1MB is insignificant, but in the days when floppy disk was still used as a carrier, although it only had 1.44MB of space, it was enough to store the text created on the computer.

Today, whether it is audio, pictures, short videos or high-resolution 4K videos, their volume has long exceeded the imagination threshold of the floppy disk era, so they are called information explosions, complex, cumbersome, repetitive, viral , irrelevant, false and mixed – only text, still following the rule that 500,000 characters are only 1MB in size in TXT format.

It is still stable and slow. Even if there is a word generator that can automatically write online novels, if you want to precipitate a complete work of your own, you still need to follow the rules of time that are absolutely fair to everyone.

The size of 1MB can no longer hold a picture, but it can still build a world of endless reverie with words.

——Five Hundred Days of Writing|The 500,000th word

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