“618” disappearing number; house ticket, new way of compensation for shed reform

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“618” disappearing number

Regardless of the consumer confidence of residents or the pressure on companies to fulfill contracts, this year’s 618 is probably more tangled than the one after the epidemic in 2020. According to Star Map data, the overall sales of this year’s 618 promotions have maintained growth, showing that consumer confidence has rebounded – but the comprehensive e-commerce sales were 582.6 billion yuan, a slight increase of 0.7% year-on-year, a significant slowdown from last year’s 26.5%.

The same statistical result, expressed in another way, will give people a different feeling. Xiaomi announced that this year’s 618 big promotion omni-channel payment amount exceeded 18.7 billion yuan. What they didn’t say was that it exceeded 19 billion yuan last year. In the 618 battle reports of each family, there are always some figures that have disappeared.

Alibaba is the most direct disappearance. At the home of JD.com’s big promotion, Ali will not announce the absolute value and growth rate of overall sales this year, the data of the first day of the big promotion or the data of single products. The most detailed data released so far appears to be consumer price insurance service data. Last year, for the first time, Ali did not announce the sales of 618, but at least it will release the platform characteristic data such as “755 new brands have over one million turnover on Tmall”, and will also prepare the Tmall store transaction rankings.

However, Cainiao Network, a subsidiary of Ali, announced some single volume data. For example, the number of “pre-sale extremely fast” orders increased by 110% compared with last year.

The growth rate of JD.com’s promotional sales is higher than the industry level, with a year-on-year increase of 10.3% and a total of more than 379.3 billion yuan. In line with the trend disclosed by Jingdong Group CEO Xu Lei on the earnings call in the first quarter of this year – the enthusiasm and investment in this year’s 618 event exceeded those of previous years. “All parties hope to make the best use of this sales node” – In 2021, when the investment in promotional activities is not so strong, the sales of Jingdong 618 will increase by 27.7% year-on-year.

Because of the suspension of the super-head anchor, Taobao Live failed to rank first in the live e-commerce sales list this year. The top three star map data statistics are Douyin, Kuaishou and Taobao Live (ie “Diantao”).

Douyin’s 618 live broadcasts this year totaled 40.45 million hours, and the number of short video live broadcasts linked to shopping carts exceeded 115.1 billion times. The official statistical period was from June 1 to 18. What they didn’t say is that the start date of this year’s promotion has been moved up by 7 days, from June 1st, 2021, to May 25th at midnight. (Gong Fangyi)

Room ticket, new way of compensation for shed reform

On June 20, Zhengzhou issued the interim measures for the implementation of housing ticket resettlement for local shantytown renovation projects. Zhengzhou Economic Development Zone and Zhengzhou High-tech Zone.

  • Zhengzhou issued a notice in March, proposing to actively promote the monetization and resettlement of large-scale shantytown renovation projects. Concentrated use of 3 years to “vigorously promote monetized resettlement to ensure that the resettlement of the masses will be completed in 2024.”

The “shed reform” first started in 2005. The “monetary resettlement” that started around 2014 is often considered to be an important force supporting the growth rate of China’s real estate at that time.

  • There are usually two ways to resettle the shed. One is to replace houses with certain transaction transfer restrictions (replacement houses), and the other is to buy commercial houses for money. The second method is “the monetization of shantytown reform”.
  • One of the motivations for monetizing the shantytown reform is likely to help the third- and fourth-tier cities sell the backlog of commercial housing.
  • According to a report by the Minsheng Securities Research Institute, from 2014 to 2016, the proportion of monetized resettlement in shantytown reform was 9%, 29.9% and 48.5% respectively, and in 2017 it was close to 60%. In that year, some areas even proposed to increase the monetized resettlement ratio to 100%, and in principle no longer build shantytown resettlement houses.

The special feature of Zhengzhou’s shantytown reform plan is that it provides a third resettlement option – house ticket.

  • Tickets are like an offshoot of monetized placements. The expropriation and the expropriated party still have to negotiate the price of the expropriated house. After reaching an agreement, the former will turn the house payment into a house ticket and hand it over to the latter. The latter shall, within one year, purchase commercial housing from the real estate development enterprises participating in the house ticket resettlement work by themselves.
  • According to the official statement, the house bill is the settlement certificate issued by the expropriator to the expropriated person for the purchase of the house after the compensation rights and interests of the house resettlement of the expropriated person are quantified.
  • Those who choose this method can get rewards, such as 8% of the resettlement compensation amount, and at the same time reward the expropriated person with a 3-month transition fee in cash.
  • However, the resettlement bonus must be cashed together with the resettlement compensation. The details of these two amounts are listed on the ticket face, and finally the total face value of this bill is formed. Tickets are not allowed to be transferred, gifted, mortgaged, pledged, or cashed out.
  • House tickets cannot be taken apart for use. For example, it is not possible to buy two sets of 500,000 yuan houses with a face value of 1,000,000 yuan.
  • If a house ticket of 1 million yuan buys a house of 500,000 yuan, the ticket holder will receive another house ticket of 500,000 yuan
  • If a house of 1,500,000 yuan is bought with a house ticket of 1,000,000 yuan, the house-ticket endorsement will take effect, and the buyer should apply for a commercial loan or provident fund loan for the part of the insufficient house payment. (Gong Fangyi)

Apple’s first U.S. union formed

  • Employees at an Apple retail store in Towson, Maryland, voted last week with 65 votes in favor and 33 votes against to establish a union, the company’s first union in the United States. Apple’s objections didn’t work.
  • The whole process has twists and turns. Late last month, an Apple store in Atlanta delayed a union vote. The organizers pointed out that since more than 70% of employees expressed their intention to form a union in April, Apple has carried out a series of systematic and complex obstructive behaviors to intimidate and interfere with employees.
  • According to media reports, Apple distributed words to the heads of stores, asking employees to tell employees that under the structure of the union, direct communication between the company and employees would be hindered, and it was emphasized that Apple has also made some positive actions in the past few years based on feedback from store employees. Adjustment. Further, Apple also said that joining a union may reduce opportunities for promotions, salary increases, vacations, etc., and internal transfer development will also be limited.
  • Union organizers said they hope to make demands, such as store epidemic prevention measures and higher hourly wages such as $30; and believe that Apple’s decision to raise wages in May is due to the union’s activities. At the time, Apple raised its hourly wage to $22, a 45 percent increase from 2018.
  • With the support of the current U.S. government, employees of several large companies have initiated union programs. Amazon’s first union was established in April this year, and Starbucks’ first union was established at the end of last year. In addition to Apple’s Towson store, two stores in Atlanta and New York also plan to hold union votes. (Lin Guangying)

IPO Weekly Report: Sany Chongneng IPO raised 3.17 billion yuan, and Kuaigou Taxi listed on Hong Kong stock market on Friday


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  • In the week of June 20, there were at least 4 IPOs of A-shares, with an estimated total fund-raising of 4.35 billion yuan and a total fund-raising of 6.91 billion yuan.
  • Sany Heavy Energy: It is the largest IPO this week. It is expected to raise 3.17 billion yuan, with a total fundraising of 5.61 billion yuan. It mainly develops and manufactures wind power generation equipment, operates wind farms, and provides related consulting services;
  • Tuoshan Heavy Industry: It mainly designs, produces, sells and services parts and components for construction machinery and equipment such as excavators and bulldozers.
  • Yaxiang Co., Ltd.: mainly researches and develops, produces and sells spices, with overseas revenue accounting for nearly 70%. The prospectus mentions that risks include U.S. tariffs. It is expected to raise 585 million yuan, with a total fundraising of 727 million yuan;
  • Tide Co., Ltd.: It mainly produces precision bearings for automobiles. It is a national-level specialized, specialized, and new “little giant” enterprise. Today’s listing rose 8.6% at the opening, and then broke for a while, and the market closed flat.
  • Hong Kong stocks have 2 IPOs this week. Among them, Kuaigou Dache raised HK$670 million in its initial offering; MainGene is the largest consumer-oriented genetic testing company in the country, backed by Meinian Health.
  • U.S. stocks had at least three IPOs this week.
  • Golden Sun Education Group Limited is headquartered in Shanghai, and its business includes foreign language tutoring for children and adults, high school repeat courses, etc.; in the past 12 months, the income was 15.03 million US dollars, the net profit was 2.16 million US dollars; the market value was 78.3 million US dollars, and the initial fundraising was 19.8 million US dollars.
  • Mobilicom Limited mainly manufactures drones, and now also sells software and cybersecurity services. Market value of $20 million, revenue of $2.6 million in the past 12 months, net loss of $1.8 million; market value of $20 million, initial fundraising of $10 million.
  • Ivanhoe Electric Inc. is a mining company specializing in the extraction of critical metal feedstocks for green energy, in addition to energy storage (battery) businesses. In the past 12 months, the revenue was 9.86 million US dollars, and the net loss was 70 million US dollars; the market value was about 1.12 billion US dollars, and the initial fundraising was about 175 million US dollars. (Lin Guangying)


There were no new cases in Shenzhen on the 19th, and one new case in Jilin City was asymptomatic.

The Shenzhen Health and Health Commission notified on the morning of the 20th that there were no new local additions and no new asymptomatic symptoms on the 19th, but it was reminded that personal epidemic prevention should still be done. On the 18th, Shenzhen found 2 cases of asymptomatic infection of the new crown in the community screening, and the trajectory involved Futian and Luohu districts; from the 19th, the flight between Shenzhen and Macau was suspended, and the flight to and from the islands (Wailingding Island, etc.) was suspended on the 20th. In addition, Jilin City, Jilin Province added 1 new case of asymptomatic infection on the 19th, the first time since it was cleared in mid-May.

Henan responded that the online systems of four rural banks were manipulated by third parties, and depositors may not have insurance.

Four village and town banks in Henan with “depositors unable to withdraw money” announced on the 20th that they will start online customer fund information registration from now on, requiring customers to fill in details such as the transaction time and amount of deposits and other wealth management products. In April this year, the tens of billions of cash deposited by hundreds of depositors to these four banks through Internet deposits, online deposits and other methods were suddenly unable to be withdrawn; in this regard, the Henan Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau responded last weekend that it was an online transaction. The system is manipulated and used by illegal third parties; according to this statement, online “deposits” do not enter the bank account, are not real deposits, and may not be eligible for deposit insurance claims.

The launch of the annual game masterpiece was delayed, and NetEase’s Hong Kong stock market fell by 10%.

NetEase announced on the 19th that the mobile game “Diablo: Immortal” co-developed with Blizzard was originally scheduled to be delayed in China on June 23, and is currently making a number of optimization adjustments to the game, but did not specify the latest launch time; Blizzard On the same day, it was also announced that the Asia-Pacific region was postponed to July 8. The game was released in several overseas markets earlier this month and was an immediate hit. The performance of China has attracted much attention. Affected by the news, NetEase’s Hong Kong stock market fell by more than 10% today, and fell 6.7% as of the close.

The Macau SAR government launched a 10 billion aid plan to reduce the impact of the new round of epidemic on industry and commerce.

As of 16:00 on the 20th, the number of confirmed cases in this round of epidemic in Macau, China has increased to 36, and restaurants, schools, government departments, etc. have been temporarily closed. The government said on the 19th that in response to this round of sudden outbreaks, it has decided to quickly introduce economic assistance measures, including refunding industrial and commercial housing tax, exempting tourism tax, subsidizing taxi fuel, and assisting freelancers and merchants; the aid budget is about 10 billion Macao Yuan (about 8.3 billion RMB). Macau has a population of about 650,000. Previously, the Hong Kong SAR government announced that it will issue 5,000 Hong Kong dollar consumer coupons to individuals again from August 7, and non-permanent residents such as students and professionals going to Hong Kong will also be included this time.

Pig raising lost 20 billion Zhengbang Technology, ready to invest 40 billion yuan in new energy.

Zhengbang Technology announced on the 18th that it will cooperate with the State Power Investment Corporation in new energy, and it is expected to invest 40 billion yuan in the next three years for the construction of wind and solar power generation, comprehensive smart energy and so on. The company said that agricultural intelligence and energy saving are conducive to future business development. Zhengbang Technology currently mainly produces and sells feed and live pigs; last year, it lost 18.8 billion yuan due to the drop in pig prices, and just announced this month that 540 million commercial tickets were overdue.

Global mobile game players’ spending decreased year-on-year in May, and “Honor of Kings” bucked the trend and increased by 1.7%.

According to Sensor Tower, global mobile game players spent US$6.8 billion on the App Store and Google Play in May this year, a year-on-year decrease of 8% and an increase from the 4.6% drop in the previous month. Tencent continued to occupy the top two global mobile game revenue, of which “Honor of Kings” revenue in May was 268 million US dollars, a year-on-year increase of 1.7%; “PUBG Mobile” (merged with “Peace Elite”) revenue of 206 million US dollars, a month-on-month decrease of 4.9%.

Container shipping giant Maersk said U.S. and European manufacturers are looking to diversify production in Asia.

The CEO of Maersk said a few days ago that he did not see American and European manufacturers driving the return of production. On the contrary, they are looking for more suppliers in Asia to diversify production. He mentioned that the scale of global trade will grow more or less with GDP growth, and may not be freer in the future, but it is difficult to reverse; in addition, due to stagnant economic growth, container demand is expected to decrease in the second half of the year, but thanks to Congested supply chains and high shipping costs could lead to record revenue this year.

The last Buffett Charity Lunch was auctioned at RMB 129 million, 4 times the previous record.

Five bidders made 43 bids for Buffett’s lunch, and the final price was $19 million. The previous record was $4.57 million in 2019. Buffett said in a statement that this is good, and he has met many interesting people from all over the world who think the money will be put to good use. Buffett’s lunch was held 21 times and raised a total of $53.2 million for the Glide charity, which was used to help the poor, homeless, drug abusers and more.

Consumers can buy Prada for virtual avatars.

On June 17, Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook’s parent company Meta, said that it is launching a virtual clothing store called Avatars Store on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Messenger, where users can buy virtual clothing for their avatars. In the coming days, the store will launch products from fashion brands Prada, Balenciaga and Thom Browne in the US, Canada, Thailand and Mexico. Meta said the virtual garments will be priced between $2.99 ​​and $8.99.

Ernst & Young intends to split its audit and advisory business.

Ernst & Young, the accounting firm, plans to split its auditing and consulting businesses around the world to face increasing pressure from regulators on audit firms, according to people familiar with the matter. Ernst & Young’s global revenue totaled $40 billion last year, of which $13.6 billion came from auditing. Last year, Ernst & Young was fined more than £2.2 million by the UK accounting watchdog for failing to properly audit the accounts of UK bus operator Stagecoach. The split, which could begin as early as next year, would be the biggest change for the Big Four since Arthur Andersen collapsed in 2002.

U.S. airports are facing severe understaffing, with more than 900 flight cancellations in one day.

On June 19, flight tracking platform FlightAware showed more than 6,000 U.S. flights were delayed and 900 were canceled. Of these, Delta and United had the most cancellations. Some airlines say airport staff shortages and bad weather have contributed to the mass cancellations and delays. Last month, American Airlines cancelled hundreds of flights over Memorial Day weekend, leaving thousands of travelers stranded at airports. JetBlue Airways, Alaska Airlines and other airlines said they will continue to reduce the number of flights to deal with staff shortages.

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