The amount of vocabulary determines the amount of knowledge – #22

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This week I’m sharing some of my recent gains.

document first

These two weeks have been very smooth, because basically I am writing code, while the first few weeks are constantly sorting out requirements and organizing documents. For this task, I will do the document first. I will list the technical solutions and possibilities in the document and then hand it over to the team for review. After many discussions and sorting out various boundary conditions, I will list the solutions one by one. In the end, I felt that almost everything I could think of before I started to write code, the coding experience was almost flat.

There are several other benefits of documentation first:

  • When the documentation (including various architecture diagrams) needs to be provided at the end of the coding, it is ready-made, and only needs to slightly modify the wording and overview
  • Because after many discussions in the group, the whole group has achieved knowledge sharing, everyone knows what is going on in this project, why it is designed this way, and the context is very clear
  • Because everyone knows the context of the project, code reviews are smooth
  • The modification process of the entire document is the first version of CHANGELOG

In fact, this is the software engineering method mentioned in the textbooks of the student days, but there are few opportunities for practice for so many years. After the whole project is completed, I organize and send the project overview, document summary, codebase, project management entries, OKR entries, etc. to the boss, and I feel that he is very satisfied. I also started thinking about the difference between a programmer and an engineer this year. Maybe the former is like a mason, while the latter is more like an architect. To this end, I have been reading some related books and articles recently, which are recommended here:

  • Staff Engineer – This is a book by Will Larson, I just read it less than halfway through, and it was recommended to me by someone else, and here I give it five stars. This web version is similar to the e-book content.
  • [What does sponsorship look like]( https://l

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