618 Great deals, buy Parallels Desktop with 30% off and get a Win 11 activation code!

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The recent launch of the new MacBook Air has not only raised the price but also put bangs on it… Obviously, the follow-up products of Apple computers are all working on their own chip series. This also makes it difficult for Mac users who need Windows software, and the choice of virtual machine tools is much less. The Parallels Desktop (hereinafter referred to as PD) introduced today supports Apple chip devices and may be an excellent choice for you! During the 618 period, digital lychee, an old friend, opened a 30% discount on the virtual machine tool PD for a limited time. After saving nearly 150 yuan, it also gave a Win 11 authorization code! Only 348.6 yuan is more cost-effective than the official website! The event lasts until June 20th, friends who want to buy a new Mac, take advantage of this discount to buy it, the new product can be used immediately!

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