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It’s time to celebrate our special Collaboration Month with the Statens Museum for Kunst . Let’s take a look at a very interesting painting by Carl Bloch this time. It is also worth noting that the museum is preparing its largest exhibition to date on Karl Bloch , which will open in February 2023. : )

The two boys in the painting stand outside, in what appears to be an idyllic sun-drenched garden, looking at the sizable pile of seafood on the kitchen table. They looked terrified, but were also apparently attracted to a lobster holding claws, a basket of scissor-billed eels and hornfish. In an open drawer, a strikingly sharp blade sticks out. The idyllic scene is filled with something grotesque and insecure. The knife is actually so sharp that the artist has drawn a thin, light stripe on it, showing how the blade captures and reflects the incoming sunlight.

This painting is a prime example of the great skill of the artist Karl Bloch (1834-1890). He played the game of who was in and who was out. The windows were broken, no protection against the lobster’s scissor claws, and on the other hand, we as spectators felt threatened by the sharp knives in the drawers. Humorous and disturbing.

Side note: Do you know Jacobus Vrel ? A Dutch master of the grotesque, he, like Karl Bloch, also painted mysterious window scenes featuring children.

76.5 x 111.5 cm

Statens Museum for Kunst

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