A Century-old Treasure-Ancestral Hall of the Huang Family|Lishan Village, Doumen, Zhuhai

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Zhuhai Doumen-Huang Ancestral Hall

Background note: The Huang Family Ancestral Hall in my hometown has been rated as a provincial cultural relic protection unit in recent years, and has received certain funds to repair it. My childhood friends played together in this ancestral hall, which is full of childhood imprints. Under the background of the popularity of drones + the rise of self-media and the central rural revitalization plan in recent years, I am glad to see this work shot by the official propaganda department of my hometown has been liked in the circle of friends. It is a pity that it seems to be only displayed at present On the WeChat video account platform, and there is no 4K HD. So with the help of third-party tools, I downloaded the video locally (only 17m, no 4K files with source files), and then uploaded it to station B and YouTube, hoping that more domestic and overseas tourists can see it. Copyright attribution: Doumen Fusion Media. It is hereby stated.

Stepping on the bluestone slab with bare feet

as if to feel

Remnants of childhood

It should wake up my memory

The tree in front of me is still, the grass is still

The curling cigarettes are still

Three ancestral halls at the foot of the mountain

Stone pillars, wood carvings, and gray sculptures are still there

I think it’s not to show off the glory of the year

Just hope that the village will leave a footnote of the years

in memory

Spring breeze, setting sun, birdsong

as if never changed

I think this is the bloodline

No matter how far you go, how long you leave

It’s all haunting me

still love

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