About the matter that I gave two hundred soft sister coins to a certain grandma

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Last Sunday, with a fairly regular schedule, I woke up before 7:00 and went to the living room to lay down on the sofa to organize and distribute my works. After doing it for a while, I saw an update of an outdoor grandma I cared about at station B. After watching the latest submitted video, I had an idea – sponsor him!

Why use the word “sponsor” instead of “tip” or “donate”? Because “reward” sounds a bit condescending, and “donation” is a bit pitiful, the recipient can use these two words, if the giver uses it like this, it will be uncomfortable, or “sponsor” can better reflect Equal relationship.

This is not the first time I have sponsored, at least I have sponsored doodlewind and industrial gatherings in memory, but they are all small money under ten yuan——

Sponsorship record
Sponsorship record

This time not only broke the ten yuan mark, but also broke through the hundred yuan – two hundred soft sister coins!

When I woke up at noon 🐷 and informed me about this, she looked at me in astonishment 😧 after hearing this, and paused for a few seconds. To make it clear to her, I explained to her two reasons for doing this –


People who don’t know me well may stereotype that I just like to stay out of my house, but the truth is I also like to be out and about. I’m also an outdoor enthusiast and enjoy hiking, biking and parkour.

Parkour is not a simple outdoor sport, it is already an extreme sport. Although I like it, I have not tried it yet.

Hiking and cycling I have a little “achievement” – I have walked through many mountains and routes in Hangzhou, climbed Tianmu Mountain in Lin’an and Huangshan in Anhui; I have ridden many roads in downtown Hangzhou, which are relatively remote and continuous for a long time. The line of travel is from Xixi to Xiaoshan and from Zhuantang to Fuyang Dongzhou.

The outdoor grandmother also mainly walks and rides, but unlike me, there is basically no difficulty and risk. In comparison, he is more hard-core – cycling around China, reloading on foot – not only need to be excellent Physical and psychological quality, but also have the knowledge and ability to deal with various uncertain risks.

I like the thrills and the unknown, and I have dreamed of being an explorer; but I have a family and can’t ignore my partner’s thoughts and feelings, unless I’m desperate when I’m old, and I shouldn’t have the opportunity to do that. With that in mind, I wanted to draw from his experience and imagine myself doing the same thing.


The most important thing, naturally, is the reason for writing this article and the reason for this sponsorship – the form of work, the economic model and the social form that should exist today.


The world has entered the information age for decades, the Internet has been around for more than 20 years, and Internet-based business has flourished for more than a decade. The infrastructure and tools supporting online office and settlement can be said to be very mature.

However, on this day in 2022, those of us who are mental workers are still mainly in the form of work of the previous generation – a group of people gathered in a centralized office in a certain location – to work.

I really don’t understand, what is the reason for those software companies and Internet companies not to take the distributed office as the main form of remote office? In my opinion, compared with centralized office, distributed office has more advantages than disadvantages in terms of operating cost, office efficiency, personnel management, etc.——

The company can greatly reduce or even eliminate messy expenses such as venues, water, electricity, network, property logistics, etc. The larger the company scale, the more savings it can save; useless activities such as team building and annual meetings can also be avoided. While reducing costs for the company, the utilization rate of personal housing and related supplies has been improved. With that money, it’s better to pay more employees.

If there is a real need for offline land use, it can be done in cafes, co-working spaces, etc., which is very flexible; if you want to meet offline team members, now that the traffic is so developed, you can meet in a certain city, and everyone will be holding a tour. Participate in a relaxed mood rather than dealing with team building, and the effect will be better.

The place of centralized office is generally open office. This environment greatly affects office efficiency and the quality of lunch breaks. The following scenarios must have been encountered:

  • A lot of people talking (chatting or discussing) there, causing the background sound to be noisy;
  • It’s hard to be interrupted by someone just about to enter a state of flow;
  • Some people fart or eat meat buns, tea eggs and other foods that they do not like to smell;
  • Some people bring their not-so-sensible children to the office or make noises such as typing on mechanical keyboards and talking during lunch breaks;
  • Someone opens windows or air conditioners on their own without asking if you are hot or cold;

All of the above-mentioned troubles will no longer exist in (true) telecommuting, and you will be able to concentrate on your work more easily, enter a state of flow more easily, and feel more relaxed, comfortable and free.

The ideal management should be able to arouse the enthusiasm of the subordinates, arouse the sense of mission and achievement in the same boat through thick and thin, and make them feel that work is not only a means of maintaining survival and living, but also a way of self-realization, and ultimately achieve self-driving, self-organizing, The effect of self-management; the most ideal organizational form is a decentralized or weakly centralized organization based on a common vision.

Ole, ” Rethinking Software Development: The Human Factor (Part 2)

The management that treats employees as “people” should be the kind mentioned above. Employees who can be self-driven, self-organized, and self-managed can work well without being under the eyes of managers, so naturally they don’t need to be supervised all the time. .

Although telecommuting has higher requirements on personal abilities, there are no geographical restrictions, and it may be easier to recruit people.


In my ideal form of work, telecommuting is a primary form, and a further step is freelance——

At dinner yesterday, I chatted with my wife about my ideal social form – everyone is freelance, and everyone makes money on their own ability and reputation; not many very rich and very poor people, most of them are Life is not bad; there is no such organization as a company, and instead a “guild”, which is a bit like an open source organization, but the guild does not give members money, but members have to pay membership fees, because the guild is an important way for members to obtain business.

Olay’s thoughts

Although the above paragraph is relatively short, it has already explained the work form, economic model and social form that I think should have.

In such a society, there will still be rich and poor, but very few; the upper limit of individual wealth is lowered, but the lower limit is raised, and social wealth is distributed more evenly.

In such a society, everyone doesn’t have to go around, and they don’t have to live a homogenized and modeled life as if they came out of a template; everyone can do what they like and earn income from it, promoting social diversity change.


In general, hobbies influence the content I follow and its creators, and ideology dictates that I don’t keep swindling their work, and thus pay for their content when conditions are met.

The outdoor grandma is currently a freelancer, an advanced form of my ideal work form. As a similar person to a certain extent, I should sponsor him and achieve the unity of knowledge and action.

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