Academicians gather in the city of smart manufacturing, the guest lineup of the 2022 Global Smart Expo is announced

The 2022 Global Artificial Intelligence Product Application Expo (hereinafter referred to as the “Global Intelligence Expo”) with the theme of “All Things Fu Suzhi Harmony” has been scheduled to be held from September 15th to 17th in Suzhou, a “rising” intelligent manufacturing city. curtain up. At that time, nearly 20 academicians, experts and AI business leaders will go to Suzhou together to bring a wonderful peak wisdom discussion to the industry.


The helmsman of leading smart technology

As the vane of the AI ​​industry, the Global Intelligence Expo has always been a gathering place for academicians and experts to collide with sparks of thinking and output top-level strategies. Frontier insights from many industries are shared, given, inspired and innovated here. The annual visits of these top think tanks not only bring new thinking to the industry, but also bring resources and wisdom into the technological trickle of Suzhou, nourishing and nurturing this famous city with the goal of intelligent manufacturing.

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This year’s Global Intelligence Expo is about to set sail again. As the helmsmen, they will also lead the industry to set sail again in the future. The flagship main forum of the 2022 Global Intelligence Expo gathers Gao Wen, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and chairman of the AITISA Alliance, Mei Hong, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and chairman of the Chinese Computer Society, Zheng Zhiming, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and former president of Beihang University, and Wang Jian, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering , Academician of the Royal Canadian Academy of Sciences, Director of the Department of Computer Science of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Yang Qiang, Academician of the Canadian Academy of Engineering, Vice President of JD. Delivered multiple keynote speeches to guide the future of AI.

In addition to academicians, the 2022 Global Intelligence Expo also invited Xue Lan, Dean of Schwarzman College of Tsinghua University, Director of the National New Generation Artificial Intelligence Governance Professional Committee, Zhang Sihai, President of Hisense Network Technology, Zhang Dixuan, President of Huawei Ascend Computing, Professor of Peking University, Gordon Gordon Bell Prize winner Yang Chao, Executive Dean of iFLYTEK Research Institute Liu Cong, Co-founder and Chief Scientist Yu Kai of Speed, Huang Xiaoqing, Founder and CEO of Datalink, and Gao Yuguang, founder of Hongji Technology, etc. Leading business leaders and top scholars, from the perspective of artificial intelligence empowering thousands of industries, boost the digital transformation of traditional industries and tap new impetus for economic growth.

Explore vast uncharted territories

This year’s Global Intelligence Expo will also hold 3 brand forums with distinct themes, focusing on industrial directions such as “Industrial Vision”, “Hard Technology”, “Metaverse”, and teaming up with China Computer Federation, Zhongke Chuangxing, Chuangyebang, Peking University and other industry leading institutions and leading enterprises to create brand forums and academic summits. The forum will drive the attention of professional pavilions and industry professionals, and enhance the sustainable introduction of the professional target traffic of the conference.

At the same time, there are N concurrent events, such as the “National New Generation Artificial Intelligence Open Innovation Platform Summit Forum” and the “Suzhou National Pilot Zone Strategic Advisory Committee Annual Meeting”, which provide guidance for the national open innovation platform and provide guidance for the experimentation. District construction points the way. In addition, the conference will also introduce brand activities from leading enterprises, first-class media and industrial institutions such as Microsoft, iFLYTEK, Midea, OpenI Qizhi Community, Sicui Artificial Intelligence Research Institute, Suzhou Institute of Industry and Research, China Economic and Social Organization, etc., focusing on “AI” Empowering”, “AI Open Source”, “Smart Healthcare”, “Smart Media”, “Cognitive Graph” and other popular industry topics.

In Suzhou in September, enterprises, products, talents and capital will form a benign flow and convergence here. Technology, ideas, solutions will give the city the confidence to explore the future. The 2022 Global Intelligence Expo is destined to be a two-way trip between a famous smart city and top-notch think tanks. Looking forward to the future, and looking forward to the dazzling achievements of the 2022 Global Smart Expo.

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