Qi Xiangdong: Data security is accompanied by a large concentration of risks

“There is a theory in economics called ‘don’t put your eggs in one basket’, and the same is true for data security. An important problem brought about by large data concentration is ‘large risk concentration’, hackers steal 100M of data and steal 100T of data , the probability is the same, so data storage faces the risk of ‘one loss, nothing’.” At the 2022 Internet Yuelu Summit roundtable forum, Qi Xiangdong, chairman of Qi Anxin Group, said that in the era of digital economy, big data centers use a centralized method to use And storage data, security risks are also growing exponentially.


In recent years, the big data center industry has been highly valued by governments at all levels and supported by national industrial policies. The state has successively issued a number of policies to encourage the development and innovation of the big data center industry, providing clear and broad market prospects for the development of the big data center industry. IDC predicts that the scale of China’s big data IT spending in 2026 is expected to be 35.95 billion US dollars (about 248.414 billion yuan), the market size ranks second in a single country, and the growth rate is the first in the world. However, the huge amount of data also faces the security risk of ‘all things lost’.

Qi Xiangdong said that when our data was not centralized, all we lost were small pieces of fragmented data. After the concentration, hackers stealing 100M of data from our big data center and stealing 100T of data are actually the same. That is to say, the loss of a small amount of data and the loss of a large amount of data have the same risk probability. This is a big problem that needs the attention of the entire industry.   740

“One loss is nothing” is also reflected in the serious consequences of data security incidents, which will be unbearable. In the digital economy era, data is the core factor of production, and data security is even related to national sovereignty and national security. In the past, security protection was concentrated at the network level, and the world-class level can only prevent 99%, and it is acceptable to miss 1%, but now the target of the attack may be to destroy a certain key information infrastructure, or carry In a data center with massive and important data, missing 1% can have serious consequences.

How to deal with the risk of “one loss and nothing” brought about by the large concentration of data? Qi Xiangdong pointed out that it is necessary to build an endogenous security system with more defense-in-depth capabilities with the goal of “zero accidents” in network security.

Qi Xiangdong further explained that this system needs to meet three requirements: first, joint operations. When a combat unit detects an attack, it will immediately link other products to block security threats through mutual support and cooperation; Targeted security measures to ensure the security of each link and prevent “internal ghosts” and external attacks; the third is in-depth operation, through continuous problem discovery and improvement, to continuously improve network security immunity and solve increasingly complex network security problem.

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