After organizing a board game party of 60 in Beijing, these are our top picks

Youyanshe x Static Forest, bring friends to experience the charm of board games. If you want to participate in more offline gatherings of Youyan Society, please pull to the bottom of the article, there are ways to join the group~

Last weekend, Youyan Club and the professional board game culture offline space Static Forest held a Beijing “Social Friends Bureau”, inviting 60 Beijing members to play board games together.

The Beijing Friendship Group of Youyan Club has been established for a long time, and it organizes various offline party activities from time to time, covering regular game games and dinner parties, as well as board games, singing, movies and other projects.

And this time we come to Static Forest, where there are more than 1000 board games to play. These include popular and popular “Three Kingdoms”, “UNO” and “Monopoly”, and there are also many “advanced” products, such as some board games adapted from video games, “Curse of Blood: Card Game”, “Fallout: Refuge” “So”, etc., may not be accessible to everyone at ordinary times.

本次聚会场地为北京静电森林 The meeting venue is Beijing Static Forest

Among the 60 social friends we invited, some of them are indeed difficult to save a board game bureau in their daily life, and some are relatively senior, at least they can accurately pick out the board games that they are good at and want from a cabinet of board games. The one that played.

However, it is in the game of new and old players that board games can produce a different kind of charm. Therefore, we also invited friends with different experience in board games to recommend board games that they have experienced at parties or that they usually play. These include the first excellent experience for beginners of board games, as well as strategy masterpieces for advanced fans to return to play after the party.

The following is the “community’s choice” produced after this board game gathering.

“Dice Street”: The first excellent experience for board game beginners

Recommended friends: Finley

I am a traditional video game player with a rather withdrawn personality. I grew up in a fourth-tier county in the north. Even after I went to Beijing to study at university, when I mentioned board games, my first impression was only the popular “Game of Thrones” in middle school. “Three Kingdoms Kill” and “Warhammer”, which have exploded in recent years. I, who lacked offline social networking and entry channels, never dabbled in them.

But taking this opportunity of the Friendship Bureau, I also experienced a variety of board games with old and new friends in the Beijing group. The one that impressed me the most was “Dice Street”.


In “Dice Street”, players need to play the role of the mayor of Dice City, work hard to make money, and build urban infrastructure for the citizens. The player who achieves the construction goal the fastest will be the final winner.

Each player initially has some building cards as starting cards, and three gold coins as initial funds. Roll the dice in turn each round, and activate the corresponding card effect according to the number of points (similar to the concept of card cost of Hearthstone, you can activate the card with a few costs when you roll a few points), which is also the core gameplay of the game. The corresponding card effects will bring different gains or penalties to the player, such as a wheat field card, when any player throws a 1, the player with the wheat field can get a gold coin.


Players can use the gold coins in their hands to purchase and build their own building system, and build their own decks. You can buy wheat fields that can be activated by 1 dice, and accumulate wealth with the fixed income automatically brought in each round; you can also choose 6 The gym, which can only be activated by rolling the number of dice, can “take” 2 gold coins from the hands of other players every time 6 points are rolled, and win the rich one through trickery. On this basis, cards with different card colors also represent different types of industries, which in turn derives advanced ideas and gameplay to further assist players in their journey of construction.

The above rules may seem complicated, but they are actually a bit complicated… As the first time I came into contact with board games, I fell into three philosophical questions after the first round of rule explanations. Fortunately, most of the friends at the same table were veterans, and with the careful explanation of the clerk in Static Forest, I quickly entered the state.

It turns out that the best way to familiarize yourself with the rules is to learn them while you play . A board game beginner like me can quickly understand the game mechanics and participate in it in practice, and it also breaks my previous stereotype of the obscure and complicated rules of board games. Although the winning goal in Dice Street is simple and straightforward, the way to accumulate wealth is not simple. A player like me who likes to accumulate wealth automatically by turning rounds will soon be “plundered” by other players, and finally the community members who accumulated wealth through a large number of basic industry profits won the victory.

Different from the current network voice or text communication system that video games rely on, offline board games satisfy my most basic companion instinct as a social animal. Coupled with the uncertainty brought about by human participation, it also brings me A completely different experience and fun from traditional video games.

Jaipur: Two people can play!

Recommended friends: ale98

I may be a relatively deep board game enthusiast in the Beijing group, and I have posted a lot of board game-related posts on Youyanban before. I also have a deep understanding of the biggest difficulty in building board games, the number of people. Therefore, a unique board game is recommended here.

Still worried about wanting to play board games but only two people? Or bored with nothing to do on a trip for two? I highly recommend the two-player board game “Jaipur” to everyone!


In this game, players will play the role of giant merchants who supply goods to the ancient Indian royal family. Goods) and other means are skillfully used to sell all kinds of luxury goods to the royal family (play out the same type of luxury goods together to get points), so as to accumulate more points… After two wins in three rounds In the duel, there will eventually be a player who monopolizes the right to supply the royal family and becomes the only royal merchant designated by the ancient Indian Maharaja!

The rules of this board game are simple. Players only need to choose to take goods/camels or sell goods/camels in each round. It is easy to use, has high replayability, has a simple and distinctive art style, and is compact and easy to carry. The accessories are only a stack of cards. And some tokens, the storage that comes with the package is very convenient . It is very worthwhile for the community members who want to experience the light strategy two-player board game. In the hot summer, I hope that the beautiful board game can bring a touch of coolness to the hearts of the community members. ~

“Tragedy Reincarnation”: “Summer Reappearance” in the board game industry

Recommended friends: Koga Ninja Kara

As an asymmetric confrontational reasoning board game, it has always been difficult to want Amway’s “Tragedy Looper”, but fortunately, there has just been a popular animation recently – “Summer Reappearance”.

“Summer Rebirth” and “Tragedy Reincarnation” are too similar, or in other words, stories with reincarnation plots actually have a set of templates. In the story of this board game, most players will be like the two protagonists of “Summer Reappearance”, from ignorance to slowly understanding the plot context, and using death again and again to piece together pieces of the truth .

集石上的游戏基本信息 Basic information of the game on the set stone

Every NPC in the game, in addition to the surface identity and skills, also has a hidden identity. A doctor can be a cult leader, a female student can be a murderer, and a policeman can be a perverted prisoner. As the script of each game is different, the characters appearing will change, and the hidden identities behind them will also be different.

What the player has to do is to control the movement and behavior of the NPC with the cards in their hands. Using trial and error again and again, figure out whether they died of suicide, homicide, or some kind of sacrificial ritual, and the ultimate conspiracy of the black hand.

游戏的版图非常简单,博弈都在玩家的操作里 The layout of the game is very simple, and the game is all in the player’s operation

Another player, the “Scriptwriter”, who plays the role of the mastermind behind the scenes, also uses the skills of cards and characters to counter the player’s manipulation of NPCs. Find a way to leave the victim alone with the serial killer, find a way to blow up the desperation score of a potential suicide, or increase the conspiracy score of a ritual site.

In each script, the scriptwriter needs to win in different ways, and the protagonist group players naturally have to use different solutions to break the game. Although each script player can only play once, in addition to the hundreds of scripts that come with the game, players can also write their own scripts without worrying about ending the game.

Steam的《桌游模拟器》里也能玩到(自带规则书) It can also be played in Steam’s “Board Game Simulator” (with its own rule book)

The more the participants on both sides love to use their brains, the more intense the confrontation and fun in the game will be. For players who like reasoning games, but can’t stand the intensity of the script killing for hours, “Tragedy Reincarnation” is definitely a choice worth trying.

“Dune: Empire”: a strategic masterpiece that will return to the scene after the party ends

Recommended friends: Skyfallnow

When did I start liking board games?

If you think about it carefully, in fact, it may have been placed at the mahjong table by the older generation of the family when I was two or three years old, watching the people around the table playing the mahjong tiles in their hands and fighting each other (not derogatory), exclaiming. When fate is uncertain, it is time to carefully plan and seek higher card effects in order to achieve the ultimate victory. After all, how can Mahjong not count as a board game?


So from a very young age, I had a strong interest in this table game. It’s not just about mahjong. After giving full play to my personal initiative, I followed adults or books when I was very young, and learned various chess games, from simple backgammon to complex Go, including recreational flying machines and beast-fighting chess. . Of course, at the same time, I also learned various fancy mahjong rules, such as “missing the door and listening to the wind”, “drying four and playing one”, “peacock flying five miles southeast and one wandering”, as well as “knock-off”, “journey to the west”, Various poker styles such as “bluffing the big head” and “pulling the old turtle”…

Perhaps, like many, the first more “board game” game I came across was Monopoly. Since then, I have also come into contact with more gameplay and types of board games. The world’s largest board game website BGG currently divides board games into 8 categories: children’s games, family games, strategy games, customizable games, theme games, party games, abstract games and war chess. As far as habits are concerned, board games can be roughly divided into “German” board games that emphasize strategy and strong actuarial calculations, “American” board games that emphasize plot and experience, and can include all games with a duration of less than 30 minutes. “Wool” board game. Most party board games can be called wool.

For example, in the Beijing Friendship Bureau of the Travel Research Agency, most of the people are playing wool board games. Most of these board games last for ten to dozens of minutes, which can support more people to play at the same time. The rules and gameplay are strategic but simple and easy to understand, and emphasize the strong interaction between players. In this type of board game, I recommend a few of the ones that my community members have experienced: the intrigue game “Survival”, the exciting dog game “Las Vegas”, The dream-like brain-hole game “Drawing Story” is a leader in the wool party board game.

《惊浪求生》 “Survival in Survival”

《拉斯维加斯》 “Las Vegas”

《画物语》 “Painting Story”

But personally, I still prefer more strategy-heavy games (hehe, an old German stick smiled), so after the official party time, I went to the board game store with three friends, Open a “Dune: Empire” together. Dune can be regarded as a “Mepid Heart” medium-heavy strategy game. The story background and artistic image are taken from the movie of the same name. The core mechanism is the deck construction (DBG) and worker placement. We started the game at about 8:30 in the evening. Since I was playing for the first time, it took 20 to 30 minutes to set and push the game at the beginning. In the end, after about two hours of hearty brain collision (the actual per capita pig brain is overloaded), they lost by one point. But still one word: cool! Recommended for slightly advanced board game lovers~

《沙丘:帝国》 Dune: Empire

All in all, I am very grateful to the Beijing Friendship Bureau organized by the travel research agency! Hope Modo Modo!


In addition to the above board game recommendations, this month, Static Forest is also holding the “DICE CON mini Gold Award Board Game Exhibition”. The staff will recommend some new domestic board games to board game lovers from the candidates for the Golden Dice Gold Award.


This year’s Golden Dice, more than 30 domestic first-line board game publishers selected 200 products to participate in the selection. Friends who know more about board games may also see Golden Dice’s nomination and finalist LOGO on the board game packaging. This Chinese board game selection competition was born in 2015, and now it is not only a way for overseas manufacturers to observe the Chinese board game market. The window has gradually become the reference standard for board game players when purchasing products.

北京静电森林路线图 Beijing Static Forest Roadmap

Before August 29th, players can go to the Static Forest, experience exhibits, fill in voting cards, and participate in weekly raffles, including a trip to Cascadia, crash it! Board game prizes of more than 2,000 yuan, including games such as Big Octopus, Hopeland, Wizard’s Stone, and the Seven Wonders Architect .

In addition, if you are also interested in the future Youyan Society Friendship Bureau, you are welcome to join the social friend groups across the country. Just long press the QR code below, add “Social Friends Bureau bot” as a friend, and note the region. We will pull you into the group chat in the corresponding region later.


At present, members of Youyan Club have held offline gatherings in nearly 20 regions including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Chongqing, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Nanjing, Hefei, and Yangzhou; the frequency of gatherings in some cities has reached a monthly rate. Even every two or three weeks. If you are relatively “socially fearful”, chatting in the group is also welcome, but please remain friendly.

Looking forward to having more new friends to join in the next social friend round.

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