Aier Ophthalmology: Atropine eye drops can still be mailed temporarily, and will be implemented if there are relevant notices

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 Titanium Media App reported on July 22 that the Eye Hospital of Xingqi Eye Medicine announced today that starting from July 22, Internet hospitals will suspend the prescription of 0.01% atropine sulfate eye drops for in-hospital preparations. AIER Eye also has atropine eye drops. Aier Ophthalmology has disclosed that the group's Internet hospital has been officially launched. Currently, it mainly provides services through WeChat mini-programs, and its business includes the sale of atropine. The customer service staff of atropine eye drops said that the concentration of atropine eye drops of Aier Ophthalmology is 0.05%, and it can still be mailed today. The above-mentioned person stated that the state has issued a new regulation regarding atropine eye drops, but the hospital has not received a direct notification from the government department for the time being, so it is still possible to inquire about the dispensing of medicines. This business has been suspended. (Source: Surging)

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