Alice in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

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Raise Fa, Raise Do, Alice’s theme song seems to be able to bring people into a mysterious and beautiful dream.

I recently watched the video of the final fantasy 7 remake game on station B, and the character that attracted me the most was Alice. She is bright, lively and active, giving people a feeling of heartbeat.

In the eighth chapter of the game, the flower of reunion and the ninth chapter of the land of desire are mainly the protagonists Claude and Alice to complete the task together.

In the eighth chapter, Claude falls into the church and falls on the flowers planted by Alice. After waking up, Alice was looking at him, and the two introduced themselves to each other. Alice was the former flower girl. Suddenly someone from Shinra came to arrest Alice, Alice asked Claude to be her bodyguard, and the reward was a date. After getting rid of the Shinra people, Cloud escorts Alice home. They said as they walked along the roof until they reached Alice’s house. Claude wants to go back to the slums in the seventh district. Alice said that he would go together. Alice’s mother said that it was too late and could leave the next day. When Alice is away, Alice’s mother tells Claude that she wants him to leave alone.

In the ninth chapter, Claude sneaked away at night, but on the way he met Alice who was waiting early. Alice said she wanted to spend more time with Claude. Going to the 7th slum will pass through the 6th slum. The slum of the sixth district has a walled shopping street with various grey industries. Alice takes Cloud to take a shortcut directly to the seventh district, and then meets Tifa in a park. Knowing that Tifa was going to investigate Kurumetsu in the sixth district, the two decided to help Tifa. Alice and Claude completed many tasks, and together with Tifa, they became the bride candidates of Gu Rugen tail, and asked who he was entrusted with and what to do.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is very detailed, and Cloud and Alice have a lot of interesting interactions. But the time the two spent together in chapters 8 and 9 was actually only two days, and the two of them still had too little sugar.

Many of the game’s plots are idealized, and many of them cannot be carried out in reality. For example, Claude sneaked away, and Alice wanted to catch up with him and wait for him. In reality, there was a huge crowd of people, and it might not be possible to catch up again after a minute. In addition, for a stranger like Claude, it is difficult for ordinary people to be as active as Alice, or rarely as charming as Claude, and they are not in the environment set by the game.

But this may also be the charm of the game. What is impossible in reality can only be realized in the game.

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