Ranma 1/2

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Recently, I found out that someone on station B was uploading a video of Ranma 1/2, so I revisited this anime I watched because of Emi Hayashihara when I was in middle school.

The general plot is as follows: Ranma and his father will go to various places to practice fighting, and as a result, they fall into the spring water in the town of Curse Spring in China. After that, Ranma will turn into a woman when it is drenched in cold water, and will become a man when it is drenched in hot water. The father and the Tiandao family had earlier agreed on the marriage contract between Ranma and the daughter of the Tiandao family. In the first episode, they took the Ranma who turned into a woman to visit the Tiandao family and borrowed to live in the Tiandao family. Among the three daughters of Tian Dao family, the youngest daughter Tian Dao Qian likes to fight, and her age is similar to Ranma. According to her father’s agreement, she became Ranma’s fiancee. In order to advance Ranma and Xiaoqian’s relationship, the fathers let them go to school together (the first year of high school). After that, more than 100 episodes of Ranma unfolded against this background.
Ranma’s hot fight is rather lengthy. It is not as short as the previous 18 episodes, where the main characters of the manga are introduced in a short space, and the relationship between the protagonists is completed. The daily interaction between Ranma and Akane reminds me of my high school experience.

For example, in the ninth episode, the fight between Liangya and Ranma accidentally cut Xiaoqian’s long hair. This prompted Xiaoqian to decide to keep her hair short and say goodbye to the past. And Ranma feels guilty about it. So Xiaoqian took advantage of the chaotic horse and let him lose his balance and fall into the water, alleviating his sense of guilt.

I remembered that I accidentally locked my bike on someone else’s bike when I was in high school, only to find out the next day that the owner of the bike happened to be here too, and it was a girl. She yelled at me aloud, but I felt very happy and didn’t have a strong sense of doing something wrong. We got to know each other because of this.

It is this connection that makes Ranma 1/2 particularly attractive to me.

In addition, Ranma 1/2’s facial expressions, soundtracks, and dubbing of the characters are also outstanding. I saw a comment that said: “Grandma, you are my only hope after get off work”. Watching an episode of Ranma has also become something I look forward to after get off work.

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