Alipay App adds one-click cancellation of “automatic debit”

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Pinwan, July 28th, according to IT House, recently, some netizens found a quick way to manage and cancel the deduction service: open the Alipay message box, and click on the message reminder sent by Alipay after the automatic deduction. Select “Cancel Automatic Debit Service”. Including automatic sales, taxi, online shopping, parking, renting power bank and other services, all Alipay password-free payments can be managed in this way with one click.

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Recently, the Alipay platform has opened the homepage “Recent News” service reminder function, and merchants can use this function to remind users of the progress of key services. Putting the function entry such as management withholding on each order message is more clear for users, and it is more convenient to choose and manage the services they need.

In addition, users can also conduct unified management through Alipay – My – Settings in the upper right corner – Payment Settings password-free payment/automatic deduction.

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