All things endow Suzhou with wisdom and harmony The 2022 Global Intelligence Expo will open in Suzhou next week

On September 8, 2022, the press conference of the 2022 Global Artificial Intelligence Product Application Expo (hereinafter referred to as “Global Intelligence Expo”) was held in Suzhou Industrial Park. The press conference introduced in detail the preparations for the 2022 Global Smart Expo, and conducted an update on the core highlights of the guest lineup, exhibitors, and products, including the five aspects of the “Exhibition Competition Award Performance”, as well as the collection and selection of three authoritative awards. disclosure. The conference was presided over by Shan Xiaohui, director of Suzhou Industrial Park News Center, Yang Xiaobo, deputy director of Suzhou Industrial Park Science and Technology Innovation Committee, Zhang Weimin, joint secretary-general of the New Generation Artificial Intelligence Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance (AITISA), and Zhao Haiying, publicity director of the Global Smart Expo. Leaders of the organizing committee and relevant persons in charge of China Telecom, Huawei, Spiech, iFLYTEK, and Hikvision attended the meeting as representatives of exhibitors.


(From left to right: Zhao Haiying, Publicity Director of the Global Intelligence Expo, Shan Xiaohui, Director of Suzhou Industrial Park News Center, Yang Xiaobo, Deputy Director of Suzhou Industrial Park Science and Technology Innovation Committee, and Joint Secretary-General of the New Generation Artificial Intelligence Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance (AITISA) Zhang Weimin)


At the press conference, Yang Xiaobo, deputy director of the Suzhou Industrial Park Science and Technology Innovation Committee, introduced the remarkable achievements in the development of artificial intelligence in the Suzhou Industrial Park. By the end of 2021, the park has gathered about 1,000 related enterprises, with an annual industrial output value of 61 billion yuan, maintaining an increase of about 30% for many years. In the first half of this year, 205 artificial intelligence-related enterprises have been added to the park, and the output value of artificial intelligence-related industries has exceeded 40 billion yuan. 15 leading companies in the artificial intelligence industry in the park were listed. At the same time, the park has independently developed a number of intelligent products with strong competitiveness, which have won a number of important honorary awards at home and abroad. Affiliated enterprises have become the backbone of the new rise of the domestic artificial intelligence industry. The park has also successfully held high-quality brand activities such as the highest award of China’s intelligent technology – Wu Wenjun Artificial Intelligence Technology Award Ceremony and China Artificial Intelligence Industry Annual Conference, “Huawei Cloud Cup” China Artificial Intelligence Innovation Application Competition. In 2022, the artificial intelligence industry in the park will focus on smart cities and smart manufacturing, and 18 application scenarios will be opened one after another.


This year’s Global Intelligence Expo will continue to demonstrate the development characteristics of the park as the core area of ​​the Suzhou National New Generation Artificial Intelligence Innovation and Development Pilot Zone. For the first time, a special exhibition area with the theme of industrial vision will be launched, and the “First China Industrial Vision Conference” will be held together with the China Computer Federation. “.

At the press conference, AITISA Joint Secretary-General Zhang Weimin gave a detailed introduction to the 2022 Global Smart Expo and the latest progress in preparations. The 2022 Global Wisdom Expo will be held at the Suzhou International Expo Center from September 15 to 17, 2022, with the theme of “All Things Endow Suzhou with Wisdom and Harmony”. On the basis of the successful holding of the four sessions, this conference not only inherits the hard core sector, but also explores innovation. The core highlights of this conference mainly revolve around four “three”: first, three special themed exhibition areas; second, the establishment of a “1+3+N” conference forum matrix; third, three major events to boost the progress of the industry; It is a continuation of the three authoritative awards.


Three characteristic exhibition areas, showcasing the outstanding achievements of the country and Suzhou

As a window for the centralized summary and exchange of the national new-generation artificial intelligence open innovation platform, the 2022 Global Intelligence Expo will set up a “National Platform Ecological Exhibition Area”, bringing together Huawei, iFLYTEK, Baidu, Datalink, Tongdun Technology and its upstream and downstream ecological chains Enterprises display cutting-edge products such as intelligent interconnection, digital communication, intelligent robots, intelligent voice, etc., and introduce more resources of the national open innovation platform into the local area to promote the development of local industries.

As the Suzhou National New Generation Artificial Intelligence Innovation and Development Pilot Zone, the conference integrates the construction achievements of the Suzhou Pilot Zone, highlighting the most beautiful samples of the National Pilot Zone. The “National Pilot Zone Exhibition Area” focuses on the demonstration enterprises and benchmarking demonstration projects of the new generation of artificial intelligence innovation application scenarios in Suzhou, such as Lingxu and Xingluo, and focuses on the construction achievements of Suzhou’s national pilot zone.

This year’s Global Smart Expo also combined local innovation elements, introduced market-oriented partners, focused on the exhibition, set up a brand forum pavilion, and established a special exhibition area of ​​”Industrial Visual Exhibition Area”. More than 20 leading enterprises such as Haikang, Tianzhun and Beiren were invited to exhibit and display, making the gathering of upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial vision-related industry chain more accurate.

The conference also set up a black technology experience area and a new product release area. There will be a number of audible, visual, playable and interactive AI performances, as well as more than ten blockbusters developed by companies such as Spichi and Tongdun Technology. New arrivals here.

“1+3+N” forum matrix is ​​both overall and nuanced

The 2022 Global Intelligence Expo will set up a flagship main forum, inviting academicians from home and abroad such as Gao Wen, Mei Hong, Zheng Zhiming, Wang Jian, Yang Qiang, Mei Tao, Yonggang Wen, and top scholars such as Xue Lan, Dean of Schwarzman College, Tsinghua University. Scholars and industry leaders from leading companies such as Huawei, iFLYTEK, Spiech, and Hisense will attend the opening ceremony and the main forum, where they will exchange ideas and point to the future.

Focusing on industrial directions such as “industrial vision”, “hard technology” and “metaverse”, three brand forums with distinct themes were held. Drive the attention of professional pavilions and industry professionals with forums.

N concurrent events, featuring conferences represented by the “National New Generation Artificial Intelligence Open Innovation Platform Summit Forum” and “Suzhou National Pilot Zone Strategic Advisory Committee Annual Meeting”, focus on the guidance and construction of the national new generation artificial intelligence open innovation platform. The conference will also focus on popular industry topics such as “AI Empowerment”, “AI Open Source”, “Smart Healthcare”, “Smart Media”, and “Cognitive Graph”. “Huawei Cloud Cup 2022 Artificial Intelligence Application Innovation Competition”, as a series of brand competitions, will hold the final roadshow defense and award ceremony at the 2022 Global Smart Expo.

Three major industry events witness and boost the process of industrial intelligence

Witness the signing of the strategic cooperation between eight national open innovation platforms such as audio-visual interaction, language computing, and cloud robots and the national open source community to jointly promote the construction of the country’s open ecosystem.

Release the “New Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Annual Report (2021-2022)” and “China Urban Artificial Intelligence Development Index Report (2021-2022)”.

Witness the awarding of a new generation of artificial intelligence innovation demonstration enterprises and benchmarking demonstration projects in Suzhou City and Suzhou Industrial Park in 2022.

Three authoritative awards look for the “head goose” to empower the industry

Zhao Haiying, the publicity director of the Global Smart Expo, introduced in detail the relevant situation of the awards selection of this year’s Global Smart Expo. This year’s Global Intelligence Expo continues the selection of three classic and heavy awards, “China’s Top Ten Innovative Enterprises of Artificial Intelligence”, “China’s Top Ten Persons of the Year”, and “Intelligent Expo Product Gold Award”, and continues to make contributions to the innovation and development of AI. Companies, projects, products and individuals who have made outstanding contributions are recognized.


Since the launch of the award selection activity, it has received extensive attention and response from enterprises and enthusiasts in the industry. The organizing committee of the conference has received more than 100 applications from home and abroad. In the end, 30 outstanding companies, products and individuals will be selected and announced at the opening ceremony of the Global Smart Expo and will be commended.

Five Exhibitors Spoiler Highlights

Li Zhong, deputy manager of government and enterprise of China Telecom Suzhou Branch, said that the theme of this Suzhou Telecom exhibition revolves around “E-surfing Cloud National Cloud”, which is divided into cloud business, digital government, smart city, transportation energy, industrial Internet, smart finance, security and other exhibition areas, showing the informatization practice of China Telecom. The event site will interact with the audience through cloud game experience, MR, AI and other technologies, and through a series of eye-catching activities, the audience will experience “technology creates a better life”.


Cheng Junjie, general manager of Suzhou City Business of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., said that the artificial intelligence exhibition area set up by Huawei this time, with the theme of “Ascension AI Upward Power”, includes Ascend AI series hardware, artificial intelligence computing center, Chinese computing power Network, Ascend AI large model, AI+ industry application and other multi-themed exhibition areas, through physical equipment, interactive demonstrations, industry scenario-based solution display and other forms, comprehensively display AI infrastructure, scientific research innovation, industry empowerment and other fields. Solutions and application practices.


Li Chunmei, Vice President of Spirit, said that Yu Kai, co-founder and chief scientist of Spirit, will give a speech titled “Towards the Age of Improvisation and Freedom of Humanized Dialogue and Intelligence” at the main forum. At the same time, Spiech will exhibit the avatar digital human for the first time. The conference noise-cancelling microphone speaker M4 will also be unveiled at the new product launch.


Yu Fuyuan, Marketing Director of iFLYTEK (Suzhou), said that the theme of iFLYTEK’s participation in this year’s exhibition centers around “Intelligent Fu Suzhou is Powered by AI”. Relying on local needs, iFLYTEK will empower Suzhou with AI. , city, virtual human, robot, dialect protection, cognitive intelligence, vehicle, acoustics and other 14 fields and the latest products.


Du Baitong, senior technical director of Hangzhou Hikvision Robot Technology Co., Ltd., said that Hangzhou Hikvision Robot Technology provides products and solutions for global machine vision and mobile robots. The business focuses on Industrial Internet of Things, Smart Logistics and Smart Manufacturing. This exhibition brings a variety of intelligent products to help enterprises improve production efficiency and product yield, realize digital informatization, visualization and intelligence of the production process, and help enterprises realize intelligent transformation, digital transformation, upgrading and innovation.


The rapid development of emerging technologies has greatly expanded the scope of time, space and people’s cognition. At present, the field of artificial intelligence has not only become a key track for the competition of scientific and technological powers, but also an important bargaining chip for enterprises to control future development. The 2022 Global Smart Expo not only leads the ideological trend of top-level technology, but also shows that the integration of the real economy has achieved positive results, which will continuously inject new impetus into the iterative evolution of the industry, the transformation of Suzhou’s wisdom, and the technological transformation of enterprises.

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