Ransomware DeadBolt targets QNAP NAS devices

NAS device maker QNAP has issued a security warning urging customers to immediately update their networked storage devices to protect against the DeadBolt ransomware attack. DeadBolt exploits a vulnerability in the Photo Station software on QNAP NAS devices to infect the device and destroy terabytes of data stored by users. QNAP urged customers to disable port forwarding and update firmware to fix the vulnerability. The affected versions are:

QTS 5.0.1: Photo Station 6.1.2 and above

QTS 5.0.0/4.5.x: Photo Station 6.0.22 and above

QTS 4.3.6: Photo Station 5.7.18 and above

QTS 4.3.3: Photo Station 5.4.15 and above

QTS 4.2.6: Photo Station 5.2.14 and above

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