Always regurgitating the songs of the past is a disease of the times

A generation’s memory playlist


Why are we still regurgitating the pop music of the past?
Because we are lacking.
Why do we still express our attitude with the songs of Luo Dayou, Wu Bai and Pu Shu?
Because of what they recorded, we also want to remember.
The playlist shared today records (incompletely) from the 1980s to the two decades after the millennium. During this period of time, the deceased passed away, Hong Kong returned, the economy made great strides, and groups of people left their hometowns, and the injustice still persisted. The changes and pains experienced by a generation have been heard by many people. The popularity of music is inseparable from its social attributes.
“If you cover your ears, everyone will be happy.”


Change 1995


Album: Change 1995

Performer: Huang Shujun

Release Date: 2001

For Taiwanese singer Huang Shujun, 1995 was the year when producer friend Yang Minghuang died. But he sang, “After you left / A few days / Teresa Teng / also say goodbye to us”. He continued to count, Eileen Chang passing away in the fall of the same year, and Princess Diana in 1997. This loss of disappointment seems to be shared by the whole society.

In 1995, Taiwan had lifted the martial law, and the mainland had also entered a more radical period of reform and opening up. What is lost cannot be repaired, and global things cannot wait to reshape the lives of a generation from scratch. Starbucks, small mobile phone, Ang Lee spoke Chinese, Jackie Chan spoke English, “Hong Kong really returned”, “North and South Korea actually met.”

When this song was released in 2001, Huang Shujun was the same age as his friend. He said: “I just want to tell Yang Minghuang what happened in this world after he left.” But the popularity of this song seems to be asking all of my contemporaries: Do you realize that these things are happening, you Have you really gone to the future regardless?


my 1997


Album: My 1997

Performer: Ai Jing

Release Date: 1992

Release Date: In 1992, about the return of Hong Kong, the more familiar song is if it is not “Pearl of the Orient”, it is “AD 1997”. In comparison, the expression “my 1997” seems too casual, not showing a paternalistic eager welcome, but saying “1997 will come soon / I can go to Hong Kong”. Ai Jing is from Shenyang. If she was asked, she would say it was a love song, “Because my one is in Hong Kong”.

But in certain contexts, “mine” is the most political. In social changes, singing a personal song, a love song for an independent woman, is the most interesting thing. At that time, if you wanted to go to Hong Kong and go to an abstract and repressed world of flowers and flowers, was it a more real desire for that generation of young people than “missing” and “calling”?


I go to 2000


Album: I Go to 2000

Performer: Pu Shu

Release Date: 1999

Just as the podcast “The Screws Are Tightening” was updated today, this playlist contains recommendations from anchor Wu Qi and guests.

Regarding “I Go to 2000”, Wu Qi said: “As soon as we entered the 21st century, Pu Shu was the first to sing our intuition, as accurate as the goosebumps of a generation.”

The wonderful thing is that Pu Shu’s “I’m Going to 2000” and “New Boy”, both published in 1999, sing two very different millennial “intuitions”. The former said, “Absurd is it / Sad is it / There is no way / I wish us all a well-off”, the latter may be the blessing of Windows 98, saying “The new world came like a dream”.

Today, there are many versions of “New Boy”, variety show version, short video version, epidemic publicity song version, and the version adapted by Pu Shu himself because he disliked the lyrics of the sun. But “I Go to 2000” still maintains the expression of anger and anxiety. But its lyrics “You chase me to 2000” have another meaning: who doesn’t want to go back to the millennium now!

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Talking about the importance of “absent” anchors

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buy house


Album: Chinese Children

Performer: Zhou Yunpeng

Release Date: 2007

Zhou Yunpeng’s second album “Chinese Children” released in 2007 is like an odd number, singing a group of songs, the most famous is the song “Chinese Children” of the same name.

The other is “Buy a House”, the sound of the shoes kicking at the beginning of the song is like a prelude to the 2008 subprime mortgage crisis. But the frenzy of housing prices in China is still burning through an era. When Zhou Yunpeng sang again a few years later, he felt that the lyrics “bought a house / spent more than 300,000 yuan” was a complete joke. He sang an adaptation of this song, “Selling a House”, live in Paris or Hong Kong: “Until one day / One square meter of house rises to ten million / You all live in space / Only I am on Earth”.


Ordinary story


Album: Still a Stranger

Performer: Li Jianqing

Release Date: 2017

The host of the podcast “Absentence” spent an entire episode talking about Li Jianqing and “Ordinary Stories.” It’s actually a very new song, but Li Jianqing was 40 years old when it came out, and Li Zongsheng who made it was almost 60 years old, so he could sing “A few more times/Dream of myself/Finally going back/But hysterical/Speaking loudly at everyone Say sorry”.

Nostalgia is the theme of a generation of strangers, and it was the modern metropolis that was rapidly expanding in the 1980s and 1990s that mass-produced strangers. Just as the heavy and light evaluation of this song is Li Jianqing’s nostalgia, embedded in Li Zongsheng’s smooth arrangement, nostalgia itself can only be awkwardly attached to the fantasy cast by the economic boom.

To this day, many people are born aliens. “Nostalgia is a kind of phantom limb pain” that Zhongli said is still true across generations.


any one


Album: Anything

Performer: Luo Dayou

Release Date: 1982

Luo Dayou is definitely not the one who needs to be picked up in the retro trend. Everyone was once a youth, and everyone was hit by Luo Dayou’s songs. These two propositions are the same.

The current popular version of “Zhi Zhu Ye” is the castrated version that was first released in Taiwan, and the original version was released in Southeast Asia later. The lyrics have been changed from “Songs are censored, if they don’t pass, those who pass the songs will be copied and pirated” to “Open one eye, whimper at the mouth, cover the ears, everyone is happy”, and it still has lasting penetrating power.

But in a sense, the longevity of Luo Dayou’s songs is sad. Because it shows that history always repeats, and sometimes intensifies. It’s just that his contemporaries can still look forward with him, and this generation of young people can only look back.




Album: Dove

Performer: Wu Bai

Release Date: 1999

Even compared with “Summer Night Wind”, “White Dove” is still a popular song. The former proves that there is no shortage of romance in that generation, and the latter proves that there is no shortage of reality in that generation, both of which we are eager to regurgitate.

In 1999, in the low pressure of the Asian financial crisis, Wu Bai wrote his first draft in consideration of the predicament of Taiwanese society during his propaganda trip to and from the mainland and Southeast Asia. In the same year, a fan of Wu Bai, who was also a newlywed pregnant woman, was shot indiscriminately at the entrance of Taiwan’s Guangsan SOGO Department Store.

Wu Bai dedicates this song to this mother, a person who lives in a greedy society and has to endure poverty and violence without doing evil. “Ahead / no direction / body / no clothes / blood / oozing wings”, the title is “white dove”.


The right way to die


Album: Grey Race

Performer: Shao Yibei

Release Date: 2011

The Right to Die Guide is not cryptic. Released in the same year as the Wenzhou high-speed train accident, it said at one point, “There’s always a whole new kind of danger you give,” and at another point, “Under the wheel of progress / I can’t pull your back”.

But a song that carries the memory of a certain period will also carry a new social meaning unexpectedly. Some people use new deaths to annotate it, such as the girls who suffered from mind control in the Mu Hanlin incident, such as Li Wenliang. Some people lamented the cruelty of interpersonal relationships in the comment area, telling themselves “don’t die”, or persuading others, “there will always be someone who loves you”.

It can also be an extreme love song, or a world-weary song in a broader sense. When new incomprehensible things happen, the next generation can still comfort each other in front of this tombstone.


Teenager keeps worrying


Album: Winter Sweet

Performer: Egg Castle

Release Date: 2009

People who say they haven’t heard Egg Castle will feel familiar when they think of the prelude to the music. Because his “soft lips” arrangement defines the adolescence of Chinese rap from a straightforward point of view, it is not old now.

The teenager in “Youth Sustaining Troubles” just realizes that he can make many choices, but he can’t clearly identify a worldly path, and he doesn’t know that he will lose the right to concentrate on his troubles.


happy paradise


Album: Happy Paradise

Performer: The Rolling Stones

Release Date: 1987

This is a song produced by Rolling Stones for the relocation of Taipei’s Yuanshan Zoo. A group of literary and artistic youths of the year, Li Zongsheng, Qi Yu, Zhou Huajian, Huang Yunling, etc., were all amazingly young, changed their cool and mourning temperament, and sang songs for children and small animals warmly.

More than 30 years later, netizens left a message saying that this is the song that will be played when the 24-hour hope hotline is waiting. Strangely, if you try to search for “happy paradise” on a public platform, you will find that it is a sensitive word. Maybe because these four words are too pure, it makes people feel vigilant now.

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“The Screws Are Tightening” broadcast today

Talking about the importance of “absent” anchors

‘We’re all used to a spy life’

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Which Chinese song you don’t want to forget?

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