[Red and white machine N in one] Japan’s well-known “Pinball” “Kimchi Brothers”

I believe that most of the netizens today have been exposed to pinball games. Whether it’s going to school or work, as long as you shouldn’t play games, pinball games like “Space Cadets” will always be the most fun games in your mind. Back then in Japan, there was a pair of “Kimchi Brothers” who made “Pinball”, and later became the pillars of their respective industries and became a household name in Japan. Today we are going to talk about their stories….

We have buried 6 strings of mysterious codes in this episode of the program, and the first member of the community who successfully enters each string of mysterious codes will get a prize. The prizes in this issue are a copy of “Visual History of Red and White Machines” and 5 Steam recharge cards worth 40 yuan. You can enter and participate in the video treasure hunt page. The mysterious code is a combination of 15 letters and numbers. Come and challenge it. !

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