An instant operator cannot become a stepping stone to a high salary

Money can't buy "gold content" Money can’t buy “gold content”

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Written by Meng Huiyuan

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“Learn all media and develop your own way of making money. You can learn it with zero foundation. Now sign up for a trial study of 0 yuan.”

“The market is in short supply, the demand is large, and the entry threshold is low. If you are over 18 years old, you can apply for the exam with a high school degree or above.”

“The practical skills class for all media operators is here! Students who want to learn skills such as media operation, PS, video editing, copywriting planning, etc. can contact me to find out. High-paying industries have great employment prospects!”

Recently, there have been more ads for skills training. As mentioned in the above training courses, this time, all-media operators have been labeled as “0 basics”, “free trial study” and “high salary”, and these training courses will not only assist students in their skills learning, but also help Apply for the “high gold content” all-media operator certificate.

Regarding this certificate, some trainers even said bluntly, “At the end of this year or early next year at the latest, if there is no omnimedia operator certificate issued by the competent authority, you will not be able to engage in commercial operations and commercial profit-making activities.”

Of course, it is also very simple to get this high-paying occupational “pass”. You only need to spend a few thousand to tens of thousands of tuition fees to sign up for a training class. And registering for a class now has a lot of advantages over taking action in the future. “The difficulty of the test is relatively small now, and the certificate is also quicker, and the difficulty of the test questions will not be certain in the future.”

But what is worth exploring is, is the reality as smooth and beautiful as the training class said?

Taking a job with a certificate has become the biggest selling point of training

“In the future, if you want to be an anchor, you will have to hold an all-media operator certificate. Anyway, the teacher of the training class told me so.” Zhang Yue, who was attracted by the all-media operator training advertisement, consulted relevant training institutions. I was very impressed by this news, “The teacher also used this news to share a gossip, saying that the leading male anchor who disappeared not long ago was checked because he didn’t have a certificate. Although he didn’t know whether it was true or not, he still felt It’s quite necessary to get a certificate to do this.”

But Zhang Yue did not blindly follow the teacher’s advice and immediately paid for the exam. She carefully searched for the relevant information of the all-media operator and found that it turned out to be a more comprehensive career based on both short videos on the Internet and new media. That is to say, whether it is basic content creation, video creation, traffic distribution, or the practical operation of platform operation, the combination of front-end and back-end, all belong to the scope of skill training of all-media operators.

In the video material sent to Zhang Yue by a training institution, he explained in more detail the scope of work of an omnimedia operator: “The work of an omnimedia operator is actually similar to that of new media operations, but an omnimedia operator’s work is similar to that of new media operations. In terms of skills, you need to be able to write copywriting, shoot and edit content, logically need to be able to analyze data, and make overall plans in terms of vision. The entire work content covers the entire process of content creation, promotion, data analysis, data evaluation, etc., and finally To achieve fan growth, brand promotion, product sales and other purposes.”

“Actually, if you think about it carefully, this profession is indeed quite promising.” Zhang Yue feels that, aside from the question of whether a certificate will be required for live streaming in the future, just looking at the scope of work involved in this profession is already very comprehensive. , “It almost involves the most emerging media and media positions now, even if you just find an operation position in a company, it seems to be fine.”

In order to prove her point of view, Zhang Yue also showed Zinc Scale the key data she picked up from the materials provided in the training class-according to relevant statistics, more than 94% of the enterprises in the country have launched online product business, through WeChat Official account, short video platform, self-media content platform, etc. for operation planning. Posts related to new media operations are set up in various enterprises, and the demand is huge, and there will be about 40 million employment gaps in the future.

The teacher of the training class told Zhang Yue that registering for the class can not only learn relevant skills, but also easily obtain the “high-quality” all-media operator certificate. All-media operation post qualification certificate and all-media operator vocational skill level certificate are indispensable.”

In the words of the teacher of the training class, the certificate of all-media operator will be the most important stepping stone to engage in related work in the future, “For example, if you go out to find a job, at least people will know if you have learned relevant skills and knowledge by looking at the certificate. .”

In addition, the teacher also mentioned that if you go to take the all-media operation post qualification certificate now, you can take a simple test to obtain a vocational skill level certificate after the policy is introduced. However, if you do not obtain the post qualification certificate now, you will need to obtain the post qualification certificate after the policy is introduced. At that time, the difficulty of the examination will increase by 300%, and you will also require academic qualifications and 2 work experience to take the test. “After obtaining the post qualification certificate, you must have 3 Years of experience in all-media operations can only be applied for the certificate of professional skill level for all-media operators. This means that if you don’t take the exam now, if you want to take the grade certificate later, you need at least 5 years of operating experience to get it.”

The later the examination, the more difficult it is The later the examination, the more difficult it is

The information she learned made Zhang Yue a little anxious, but after hearing that the application fee was as high as several thousand, or even tens of thousands, she calmed down again, “It doesn’t matter if the exam is easy now, whether it will be difficult in the future, the key is It is impossible to verify whether the certificate that the teacher said is ‘high in gold content’ is true, otherwise it would be too much of a loss to spend a lot of money on a useless certificate.”

30 days, 3980 yuan to test a certificate?

With Zhang Yue’s entanglement, Zinc Scale also went to watch the related promotion videos of all-media operators. The comments of users are roughly divided into two types: one is that people who are excited and want to act are shouting, “How much is the tuition fee? , where to apply, how to learn”; the second is that people who are skeptical are boldly opening the microphone, “is the third-party certificate really worth it? It only takes more than 100 people to sign up.”

At the same time, Zinc Scale also saw some people who “posted certificates” on the Internet. A twitching host named “Mr. Egg” generously shared his experience of applying for classes and researching. He summed up this period of time in one sentence, “I think I have been paid IQ tax.”

In the narration of “Mr. Egg”, he believes that there are too many course content settings, which makes it very difficult to learn. The course involves editing, account operation, and even lighting, live broadcast planning, and multi-platform operation. Although each class has only 30 minutes, but I can’t bear the many courses, and the effective learning time is only 30 days, but the exam is really not difficult, basically all the knowledge points that can be learned in the course… In order to get this certificate, “Mr. Egg It cost 3,980 yuan, but he said frankly, “I actually don’t know the use of getting the certificate, maybe I just want to prove myself.”

No matter whether the students praise or belittle, the “wind” of the all-media operator’s certificate is indeed a bit big.

Omnimedia Operator Certificate Sample Omnimedia Operator Certificate Sample

Afterwards, Zinc Scale also contacted several training institutions along the advertisement. There are both Zhihu all-media operation classes endorsed by the platform, and specialized all-media operators training companies. The tuition fee ranges from several thousand to tens of thousands. It doesn’t take long, and the certificate can be obtained in more than a month at the earliest.

In general, these training courses basically use free materials or low-cost trial courses to attract users to add friends, and then persuade users to sign up for classes after they understand the relevant information of the official courses.

Among them, Zhihu’s online courses include 2,380 yuan practical classes for learning skills, and 3,980 yuan for certification classes with dual-certificate exams; there are also independent training companies that can take both online and offline courses. The quotation is as high as 10,000 yuan. many. The content of the course is similar, and it basically revolves around the aspects of the omni-media operation mentioned above. The most alternative is to invite some celebrities to give lectures to the students to provide value-added services.

The Zhihu Omnimedia Operation Class, which is backed by a big platform, claims that the biggest difference between itself and other institutions is that it can not only help students with examinations, but also allow students to truly understand the industry of omnimedia operators, “We are the largest content provider in the country. Operating the platform, with rich operating experience, allows you to learn operational skills that are truly operational, and after you finish learning, you can really use it for employment and realization.”

Some independent training institutions also put forward their advantages to Zinc Scale. “After completing the study and applying for the certificate, we have counterpart cooperative enterprises in cities such as Chongqing, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen, which can help to match up and introduce jobs.” Of course, this is for It is not the meaning of “package assignment” for students to find a job. “It depends on the company’s own considerations, and the salary also depends on the actual work ability of the students.”

So whether the certificate really has “gold content” is a matter of opinion. After all, when promoting the course to Zinc Scale, the teachers of Zhihu’s all-media operation class also inadvertently exposed the true nature of the “verification” behavior when emphasizing the reliability of their platform, “If you can’t practice, you can only Whether it is our future employment or if you want to monetize your side business, we need to rely on operational skills, not certificates, which are just bonus points.”

Realistic recruitment only depends on hard power

“The content of these trainings is still useful for students with zero basic knowledge, at least it can help them quickly build their own basic cognition and knowledge framework for new media operations, but it is hard to say whether they can rely on this to get high salary and generous salary, it depends on the students. personal learning and transformation ability.” Kitty, who is the head of an MCN organization, said so.

Kitty does not deny that the training class does have its value in helping novices to understand the position of omnimedia operation, but there is no need for students to spend thousands or tens of thousands of yuan to learn, “A lot of informational things, you even It can be found for free on the Internet, and some public courses of some big names in the industry actually have low-cost access channels.”

Course content setting of a training institution Course content setting of a training institution

Zinc Scale saw that on a treasure and a fish, the asking price for “all-media operators” related materials is indeed not too high, at least much lower than the price for a training class.

In addition, Kitty also told Zinc Scale that she did not agree with the statement put forward by some training courses that “the operator must have a certificate”, “The operator is purely market-oriented, and as the main body, practitioners are mainly in business. Ability, whether or not holding a certificate and business ability are not necessarily strongly related.” Moreover, she also mentioned, “To use this to enhance the ‘golden content’ of the certificate is purely to fool the layman.”

“When we recruit and operate, we mainly look at his comprehensive ability and case performance, as well as whether the rules of the main platform are clear, and whether he has his own independent opinions. These are all based on practice and experience. We don’t care about holding certificates.” Kitty believes that if she has only learned theoretical knowledge for a few months, plus “practical experience in training courses” that is not really practical, she should consider whether to directly or not. turned away.

Having said that, kitty also gave some really reasonable suggestions to those students who want to develop into an all-media operation position, “If you are a novice with zero basic knowledge, then I suggest participating in relevant training, which will help to quickly build a knowledge framework. , and then you can start from basic positions and participate in more practical operations. The new media industry is changing very fast, and the construction of knowledge cannot be solved in just two or three months of training. It requires continuous learning and training. Only by exploring can you really find your strengths and shining points.”

As kitty said, perhaps the unique personal work experience summed up in a lot of practice is the real “golden content” when looking for a job in any company, in addition to paying a lot of money to apply for the all-media operator certificate.


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