US court rules Google infringes Sonos smart speaker patent

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Pinwan, July 24th, according to a report from ijiwei, US federal judge William Alsup issued a patent infringement opinion a few days ago, ruling that Google infringed Sonos patent rights.

It is reported that Sonos had previously accused Google of infringing its patents No. 10848885 and 9967615, and Alsup’s order only targeted the first patent, not only maintaining its validity, but also finding that Google’s “Cast-enabled application” infringed the patent. Google argues that there is no infringement because the alleged product allows users to create groups of speakers that are not bound by subject names, but can instead use abstract names. The court held that this simply showed that Google’s products had functions beyond those listed in the claim.

Separately, the court said it will soon issue summary judgment on another patent in question, 9967615.

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