Ankesai pulls the paint off the instrument frame 4s for free replacement

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This picture is not mine, because I forgot to take it, and it didn’t drop so badly.


Then I originally wanted to buy a spray paint from PDD and do it myself, but I didn’t expect to search it. The rider said that this can be replaced for free, and it can be over-guaranteed. It seems to be generally reflected. Of course, this is not a safety accident recall series. It is impossible to notify you of the phone number, so even if you can change it for free, if you don’t know it, it will be over.

First, call the local 4s to check whether your frame number is in line with (I asked later, it can be produced before 18 years.) Then go directly to the 4s shop after making an appointment, provide the driving license, and then sign, if there is a vacancy, half Get it done in hours.

The picture below is after finishing. It used to be a bright color frame, but after replacing it with a new one, it is matte, and the texture of the material is not as good as before.


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