It’s hard to see a doctor~It’s hard to get medicine~~

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When I go to a Chinese medicine hospital to see a doctor, I have to line up for a long time every time… After taking the prescription to get the medicine, the prescription handed in at ten o’clock in the morning, because it is a substitute for frying, I was told that it would take from three to five in the afternoon the next day. Come and pick up the medicine~~ Oh my god, it only takes two days on weekends, two and a half hours each for two or two visits, and it’s a whole day after all… rounding up the next weekend, the two days will be posted on the doctor’s visit. . . It’s hard to have a weekend to say… Unless otherwise stated, it is Li Fengdi’s blog – LiFengdi.Com original article, the reprint must indicate the link of this article in the form of a link The link to this article:

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