Announcement on the plagiarism of original works of this site by websites/public accounts such as “V said cross-border” and “moneycard360”

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In the past year, especially after I started creating in the financial field at the end of 21, there have been many plagiarism websites. Today, a reader reported to me a public account for plagiarism. Not only did the pictures and texts not change, but even the pictures had to be marked with their own watermarks.

Of course, I have always known that some people are plagiarizing and copying, but I am too lazy to pay attention to it, but this phenomenon seems to be more and more, and it has not yet subsided, so I have decided to lay down a few large-scale plagiarism websites.

If you really copy (pictures, links, text) without moving, or remark the link to the original text, then I really don’t want to be lazy.

But there is one thing to say, this site currently does not receive external advertisements (including Google AD), common large image advertisements, basically 0 income, and the income basically depends on Patreon [inaccessible in mainland China].

In addition, overseas users can also join the TG channel [inaccessible in mainland China] for more information.

List of typical websites/public accounts suspected of plagiarism

including but not limited to


WeChat official account V said cross-border

Cricket Cross Border

List of websites/public accounts that are copied in full (pictures, links, and text remain motionless)

including but not limited to

Love reading

Yefeng Blog

give evidence

The worst thing is that V said that the cross-border B is a B, copying the content of the article, changing my link, and watermarking the picture.



Among them, the dongle blocks most overseas IPs, and the scope of plagiarism is also quite wide.


360 is a daily plagiarism, a repeat offender, but he knows how to upload pictures by himself.


Aishu is a collection station. It is copied in its entirety, but the links and details are preserved, but the pictures did not change the link for me.


Yefeng’s blog is also a full copy, and the links do not move, but the pictures have changed links, so they can be used as collection stations to earn advertising fees.


Cricket cross-border, just copied a little, small website, too lazy to say



At present, plagiarism is mainly concentrated in financial articles. In fact, you can find a few plagiarisms by simply searching for a paragraph in my article.


Therefore, financial articles starting from September 2022 will be watermarked with a full-image watermark, please understand, of course, articles such as science and technology will not be affected.

However, it seems that Patreon’s limited articles have not been copied by these people, and I don’t know when they will be copied.

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