Cross-border remittance to China Alipay (and settlement through the flash payment applet)

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As we all know, there are mainly 3 methods for online remittance in mainland China:

  1. Bank wire transfer (including UnionPay Express, SWIFT, GPI, intranet wire transfer, Shanghai Bank remittance)
  2. Alipay cooperative remittance (cooperation with Chouzhou Bank and MYbank)
  3. WeChat cooperative remittance (cooperation between Chouzhou Bank and Jinhua Bank)

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  6. Skrill (the recharged balance can be withdrawn to mainland China, but I have not tested it)

However, WISE remittance to Alipay has recently been rejected and reported cases, so I decided to test it for myself every 11 months. Finally, I tested the remittance of 500USD to China. It took 1 minute to receive 3383.88CNY. At the same time, it did not occupy the quota, and it was automatically credited to the account without triggering the declaration risk control. The equivalent exchange rate is 6.76776. The current exchange rate fluctuates greatly. The foreign exchange settlement price of Bank of China was 683.76 at that time (a loss of 1.02%). The Google exchange rate is now 6.8523 (a loss of 1.234%).

Some have already been covered in previous tutorials, so I won’t repeat them.

Alipay Quick Payment Configuration

Alipay searched for quick payment, filled in information and signed a contract, and now even prompted that you can directly transfer money to Alipay balance (but the actual test was unsuccessful)

The type of source of funds is also clearly stated, divided into three categories, of which only wages and family allowances can be remitted to the balance. At the same time, the other two types are estimated not to be credited.

In terms of quota, WeChat directly stated that the user’s quota is 5w per transaction, 5 transactions per month, and 50w per year. However, Alipay is not very unified. The descriptions of the three remittance bank cards and one remittance balance are not the same. It is uncertain how to classify them. It is estimated that it is the same as the vague limit of MYbank. allow”


WISE configuration


Remember that the mobile phone number ID has the area code, and the case of the name does not matter (I capitalize the first letter). As for the order of the name, I am the first name and the last name.

Then I found out that Alipay is a little more expensive than UnionPay this time.


The purpose of the remittance is similar to the previous one. There are 4 options. Note that the same name cannot support the family money.

For the other two, I didn’t hear that there was a declaration before, but now it is estimated that the possibility of declaration is relatively high, so I choose salary.


Then it actually takes 1 minute to get to Alipay.

Collection effect



I don’t know if it’s a problem with UK or WISE, or the reason for payment. This time I can’t transfer the money to the balance, so I still took the bank card.

At present, the risk control factors of the declaration are not quite sure. Some people are directly rejected, and some people want to declare . It may not be easy to declare with the largest account number. This thing is estimated to be connected to the Alipay risk control system. I just want you to spend a few hundred dollars a month, which is a lot of money. Suddenly, tens of thousands of yuan are sent in. If you don’t check who you check? At that time, if you spent hundreds of thousands a month and remitted only a few thousand RMB, it was another matter. Of course, this should have a comprehensive relationship with running water, transaction records, usage, usage risks, credit scores, membership levels, etc. This is not “completely random” yet.

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