AntDownload – A login-free Baidu network disk unlimited speed downloader tool! No account / no membership required to run at full speed easily

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Baidu network disk speed limit has been a common topic. Students who often want to download resources are of course to start with Baidu network disk SVIP members to get the best experience and fastest download speed . This is undoubtedly the most recommended solution.

However, for students who have only downloaded so many times in half a year, they naturally hope that there will be a free method that does not limit the speed too far. Different Dimension has recommended PanDownload , a dial download artifact , but it still requires an account to log in. And today we found another AntDownload Baidu network disk unlimited speed download acceleration tool that is better to use and free of login account…

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AntDownload No login required! Super easy to use Baidu network disk unlimited speed download tool

AntDownload ( Ant Downloader ) is a Windows download tool specially used to accelerate Baidu network disk resources. It is completely free, green and free to install, and “doesn’t require an account to log in”, nor does it require any complicated settings. Users only need to enter the network disk sharing URL to achieve full-speed downloads comparable to SVIP members , which is very simple and easy to use.

AntDownload Baidu network disk unlimited speed download tool

All along, various third-party Baidu network disk speed-limited download tools have emerged in an endless stream, one fell and another appeared, and this AntDownload is a very useful one at this stage. Free without ads, green and free to install, and the biggest feature does not need to log in to the account, you can download at full speed, so you can also avoid the risk of your own account **.

AntDownload Baidu network disk downloader

AntDownload software can directly parse out the content of the network disk sharing link, and obtain the file list online. It supports single file download and batch file package download . The software supports setting the download path, supports multi-threaded download, interrupt source download (provided that the sharing link is not invalid), etc.

Go fast! Unlimited speed

The download function of the software is based on Aria2 as the kernel, and the resource after successful parsing will use it for multi-threaded download, so the speed is very satisfactory. I tested it here, and it can easily run to a stable 12MB/s, up to 50MB/s, and it is no problem to download large files such as movies , games , and images .

Baidu network disk unlimited speed download

The speed of the Internet is determined by many factors. I can run 12MB/s stably in my test, which does not mean that you are the same. Whether the download speed is 1MB ~ 50MB/s is actually normal, as long as it is faster than the original version, then AntDownload has meaning.

About AntDownload security:

Although AntDownload is very simple and easy to use, according to the actual measurement, the software will be reported by Windows Security Center (Microsoft Defender) under Windows 11 system, and it can be used normally after adding its folder to the exclusion item . Such third-party tools often have such problems, so if you have doubts about the security of the software, it is recommended not to use it, and membership is the kingly way.

Of course, students who really want to use it can also use Parallels Desktop , VMWare and other software to run in the virtual machine system to avoid software risks affecting the system of the original machine.

Features of AntDownload disk downloader software

  • Completely free and ad-free interface
  • Green free installation
  • Directly copy and paste the network disk sharing link, you can parse and download the file directly
  • Download unlimited speed, support multi-thread acceleration
  • Support single file download and batch multi-file download
  • You can modify the default download path

In the end, these third-party tools are basically works made by authors based on their hobbies, and I don’t know when they will suddenly become unusable, so it’s still the same sentence—use it and cherish it!

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