Quotations and rabble

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△ 162|Quotations from scriptures and rabble

I’m not a very fond of citing scriptures, it’s not that I can’t, but I think it’s unnecessary most of the time. If you can’t explain a thing with your own explanation, it’s not “what others say” if you introduce a lot of classics. Of course, we cannot deny the ability to aggregate information. The ability to aggregate what different people understand about the same thing must be said to be a “selling point” in the information age. But there are still some people who are doing “far-fetched” work, sarcastically trying to cite the classics. After writing an article, they can’t find the slightest point of view of their own. In the end, they just borrowed the words of the ancients, and then affirmed Knowing your own cognition – you still have no way to deny it, because that is the ancients, it is impossible to dig him out and have a good theory.

Therefore, there is no need for “philosophers” in this era, because those who debunk those topics and get rid of the scriptures will not be believed by many people. There will be no more people to pay attention and understand.

Of course, the role of “citing the scriptures” cannot be denied, especially in the proof of the point of view. If there is evidence from others, it means that the point of view you hold is “correct”. How about it? Have you found that you seem to have fallen into that “right or wrong” trap again? After all, I’m a regular in debate competitions, and this “black and white” view should have been deeply rooted in my mind. But mainly because I have been abused several times and had to jump back and forth between the pros and cons. As a result, I gradually realized that the so-called pros and cons themselves are non-existent concepts, and the middle of the two extremes of an argument, itself There is a zone for everyone and for thinking.

It is only because people define a certain “right and wrong” for the argument in advance that there is a so-called right and wrong opinion.

As far as the many off-topic essays I wrote when I was a child, I think the mission is a kind of “curse”, just like the one who insists that people make the choice of diverting the train, because a person bears a certain responsibility, it means that He will also come with this curse of responsibility that makes him have to make right and wrong choices; I also think that unity is a kind of rabble, the so-called unity is just a person who has lost his personality and wants to integrate into a certain strength In a larger organization, there must be an inevitable problem in this organization: who should be the one who pays the most. These thoughts were eventually criticized by teachers as “brain problems” and “mental unhealthy”.

The most popular period of “citing the scriptures” is probably the composition in high school. Everyone has a small notebook to record those classics that “may” be used. I also had such a book, and at the beginning I would record some things that were not there, especially the familiar classics. But after all, this is the method that everyone needs to use, and it is inevitable that there will be classic “repetition”. For example, when I wrote about the awe-inspiring righteousness, a lot of classics such as Qu Yuan’s throwing into the river, stabbing Qin Jiu farewell, and Wujiang committing suicide came. There are also some students who only read one book during this period of time, and as a result, several times in the exam, they are citing Confucianism, Momo, Daoism, and a hundred schools of thought.

I have used a very strange classic and am still impressed. The composition for the exam was “Tigers in the heart, sniff the roses.” Then I quoted a little story that I thought was quite interesting. It was a love letter written by Hemingway to his wife, promising that he would be like a cat in the future. obedient. Probably what I want to think about is that when people face love, they will hide the tiger side in their hearts. Of course, that article was criticized, because when everyone was talking about “heroes’ true temperament”, they were talking about the subtleties of the iron-blooded tenderness behind the heroes, while I was talking about “heroes are saddened by the beauty”. Avoid writing on the topic of “love”.

The teacher asked me: Is Hemingway’s love letter a classic? I asked her if Hemingway was a great writer. The teacher took the citations from other people’s compositions, and thought that what I was talking about was a wild talk. I was very unconvinced. I felt that this topic must be quoted from the scriptures. Could it be that “there is a tiger in the heart, sniffing the roses” can’t describe a fictional character , the teacher asked: Then if you write a novel, when you write an argumentative essay, you must have the content of citing scriptures. I’m a little impatient: I’m not saying I’m writing an argumentative essay, I’m just stating the facts of the sentence, and the backstory is that Hemingway wrote a love letter to his wife.

Obviously, the problem of being a problem child did not happen once or twice, and the teacher could only let me go. And it’s a classic.

Writing here, it can be said that the second half of the title is “rabble crowd”. There are also different “factions” when citing scriptures and classics when writing essays. The four major classics, especially the Dream of Red Mansions series, are the most popular among teachers who are recruiting papers. Probably because “Dream of Red Mansions” is the most difficult to understand among the four famous novels, and it is also the easiest to separate. There are different theories, each of which is right or wrong; Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism are also a faction, but because of their age, many people still have a superficial understanding of this faction, but it is just because it is profound and psychedelic, so they use it. When it comes to it, it will seem that the temperament of the entire article is unfathomable – how, even such a mysterious great person has the same knowledge as me, what qualifications do you have to refute me; European medieval novels are also a relatively large faction , who use this type of classics are often girls from better families, probably because they were able to read this type of novels when they were young, so their temperament itself also incorporates the extravagance of European medieval novels. ; I should also be considered a school, but the categories are a bit messy. For example, when we go home and collect “Aftermath”, all I collect are related to shit, or some classics that should not be read in that era. There are even Victorian “banned books” and so on.

Between factions, it means to hold a group, and the purpose of holding a group has also been repeatedly mentioned in the article a few days ago – it is for the “right and wrong”. If you use the allusions in “A Dream of Red Mansions”, but no one from the “Dream of Red Mansions” faction can use it well, then you are a gangster; if you use a very ingenious and profound one, then you become an enemy.

Oops, I suddenly realized a question when I wrote this, do middle school students really have so many rabble infighting? Well, I admit, I actually wrote about the adult world.

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