Anxuyuan, a fourth-generation sequencing company, completes nearly $100 million in Series B financing

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Today (June 20), Cambridge Capital announced its investment in Anxuyuan, a fourth-generation gene sequencing company. Anxuyuan has completed nearly $100 million in Series B financing this round. Gene sequencing is a new type of gene detection technology that can analyze and determine the full sequence of genes from blood or saliva, and can prevent and treat diseases in advance by predicting the possibility of disease. As Asia’s largest private equity fund focusing on the medical and health industry, Cambridge Capital has been committed to continuously creating value and integrating global resources. industrialization process. This investment is another manifestation of the success of the investment strategy. An Xuyuan is invested by Jianqiao Growth Fund, a minority equity investment fund of Cambridge Capital.

An Xuyuan was founded in 2016 by a number of Silicon Valley serial entrepreneurs, senior engineers and scientists. It is a company focusing on life sciences. This is Anxuyuan’s second round of capital favor after obtaining the A+ round of financing in October last year. In addition to Cambridge Capital, the institutions participating in this round of financing also include AstraZeneca CICC Medical Industry Fund, Yunfeng Fund, etc.

In recent years, the gene sequencing market has developed rapidly, with a compound annual growth rate of more than 20%. However, due to high technical barriers, there are very few companies in the world with the R&D and production capacity of upstream sequencers, and even fewer Chinese companies have independent and controllable patented technologies. At the same time, the current mainstream sequencing technology on the market is second-generation high-throughput technology (NGS), which has shortcomings such as short read length, complex process, and large instruments, which restrict the long-term development of sequencing application companies and sequencing service companies.

To this end, Anxuyuan has independently developed a fourth-generation sequencer based on large-scale integrated circuits and advanced biotechnology. It has the advantages of low cost, rapid miniaturization, high precision, and long read length. Repeated sequencing of a single base has broad application prospects in scientific research and clinical fields. Anxueyuan has also successfully developed a microfluidic Bio-CMOS platform for high-throughput sequencing and molecular diagnostics, whether it is a low-cost handheld device for point-of-care diagnostics and consumers, or a full-scale solution for independent laboratories and hospitals. Automatic instruments can be used.

Ma Ke, managing director of Cambridge Capital, said: “Gene sequencing is one of the core technologies in modern life sciences, and every change in sequencing technology has a profound impact on genome research, disease treatment, and drug research and development. The development is now entering a new stage. Anxuyuan has the fourth-generation sequencing technology completely independently developed, which has the potential advantages of low cost, rapidity, miniaturization, long length and high accuracy, effectively solving the current pain points of the sequencing industry. Looking ahead, The rapid innovation and domestic substitution of life science instruments is an important entry point for biomedicine and health investment. Anxuyuan has rich management experience and strong core technical team. We are optimistic about the company’s long-term development and will take advantage of our investment in life sciences. The long-term built ecological environment actively helps the development of enterprises.”

Kangqiao Capital Jianqiao Growth Fund has been focusing on high-value potential projects in the medical and health industry since its establishment, focusing on equity investment in the fields of biomedicine, medical equipment, digital medicine and new medical technology. In terms of investment strategy, it focuses on early-stage and growth-stage projects. as the main investment object. Rooted in Cambridge Capital’s strong strength, global resources and full-chain experience of “investment and operation”, the growth fund team pays special attention to continuous entrepreneurs with strong scientific background and industrial experience, and focuses on the opportunity to become a global industry leader and market positioning Cutting edge quality projects.

It is reported that this B round financing will be used for the construction of Anxuyuan’s production base in China, the clinical transformation of the fourth-generation gene sequencer and application kits, product upgrades and registration applications, and commercial expansion, etc., to further promote fourth-generation sequencing The development of technology accelerates the process of industrialization. Anxuyuan’s first medical device GMP production base will also be completed and put into production in Wuxi in 2022.

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Cambridge Capital is Asia’s largest private equity fund focused on the healthcare industry, dedicated to continuously creating value and integrating global resources. Cambridge Capital, in cooperation with the world’s top entrepreneurs and scientists, empowers leading companies in the medical and health industry with its original “investment and operation” strategy, improves the accessibility of medical services, promotes innovation, and improves efficiency to address unmet medical needs around the world . Established in 2014, Cambridge Capital has a global team of professionals in investment, healthcare and portfolio management. The company is headquartered in Singapore, with offices in Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, New York, and offices in Boston, San Diego, San Francisco and Tokyo. Cambridge Capital focuses on platform building, acquisitions, credit and other growth opportunities in three core areas of biomedicine, medical technology and medical services.

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