Ming-Chi Kuo: Intel’s next-generation Xeon chips are delayed until the second quarter of 2023

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Pinwan, June 20, according to Tianfeng International analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Intel’s next-generation Xeon (Xeon) server chip “Sapphire Rapids” will be postponed to the second quarter of 2023.

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Ming-Chi Kuo said that his latest supply chain survey shows that the highly anticipated shipment of Intel’s server processor Sapphire Rapids may be delayed to 2Q23, significantly later than the market consensus of 2H22, which is not good for Intel and its server supply chain.

Ming-Chi Kuo said that Sapphire Rapids can significantly increase the unit price of related components, which is beneficial to suppliers’ revenue and EPS. Therefore, the shipment delay will be detrimental to the operational performance of Intel and its server supply chain, which mainly includes ABF, server manufacturers, cooling related, memory and power management ICs, etc. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that demand will remain when Sapphire Rapids begins mass shipments.

According to public information, Sapphire Rapids has been delayed many times. Ming-Chi Kuo said that the initial shipment plan is 4Q21, which means that Intel’s execution still has a lot of room for improvement. Ming-Chi Kuo also views Intel’s future new chips based on more advanced processes more conservatively. Shipping Schedule Commitment.

Sapphire Rapids uses a process called “Intel 7”, and uses EMIB technology, combined with the substrate and the interposer (interposer), the output and delay are better than outsourced packaging and testing, the disadvantage is that the cost is higher. Although Intel handles most of the packaging work itself, shortages of key raw materials are affecting production. Since Sapphire Rapids is Intel’s first Xeon chip to fully utilize EMIB technology, prices are expected to increase.

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