Apple plans to expand children’s messaging safety features to UK and Canada

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According to The Guardian, Apple is planning to expand its Communication Safety feature in Messages to the UK. The Communication Security feature in Messages was introduced in the iOS 15.2 update released last December, but until now the feature has been limited to the US.


The Communication Safety feature in Messages is designed to scan iMessage images sent and received on children’s devices for nudity and warn them that such photos can be harmful. If nudity is detected in a photo received by a child, the photo will be blurred and the child will be provided with resources from child safety groups. Nudity in a photo sent by a child will trigger a warning telling the child not to send the image.

Communication safety features are opt-in, privacy-focused, and must be enabled by parents. It’s limited to children’s accounts, detected on-device, and has nothing to do with an anti-CSAM feature that Apple is developing and may release in the future.

MacRumors offers a complete guide to the Communication Security feature in Messages, detailing how it works, where it’s used, Apple’s privacy features and more.

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