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In the early morning, I woke up from a dream, turned on the phone and found that it hadn’t shut down automatically, and checked the time “3:13”. I opened QQ and sent a message in my sleepy eyes. Then I opened my QQ mailbox📪, checked the email reply, and then fell asleep again.

Maybe it was because of my sore legs. Later in the night, I had a feeling of rolling over to the side and half asleep and half awake. I kept looking for a more comfortable sleeping position. I don’t know how long it took me to wake up again. After turning on the power switch and turning on the phone from the automatic shutdown mode, I looked at the phone’s time “5:49”. If it is a normal time, I should get up and brush my teeth and boil water. I went for a walk, but yesterday when I said rest, I closed my glasses and went to sleep 😪. I woke up again at 6:15, opened the “NetEase Cloud Music” with my glasses that couldn’t open, played a random recommended song, and closed my eyes while listening to it.

At “6:40” in the morning, I woke up again, kept yawning and twitching my eyelids, opened “Zuan Zhuan” and looked at a “second-hand laptop” with a price of less than 1,000. At seven o’clock, I finally decided to get up and brush my teeth. After brushing my teeth, I added salt and soaked my clothes for a night. Then I changed my clothes and soaked them in water (too sleepy and didn’t want to move). What should I do? “Go to take the bus for a day, take the subway to the minibus to go to Quanzhou, go to the beach to lie down and sleep” and so on, I finally thought about eating first, these days I have been eating “Apple + Oatmeal” It’s time for a change.

I went to the “fast food restaurant” that I used to go to often, and I felt that this restaurant was very good and very close to the people in terms of environmental hygiene and price. What I ordered today is “white fungus soup (hot) + pickled cabbage bun + tea egg” for a total of 5 yuan, it is good to drink white fungus soup in the morning ( white fungus soup has the functions of clearing the intestines, strengthening the spleen and appetizing, nourishing yin and moistening the lungs , improving human immunity, etc. Efficacy ), needless to say tea eggs (refreshing, increasing appetite, supplementing protein), sauerkraut buns are used to fill the stomach haha.

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