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In the early morning, I was suffocated by a soak of urine, turned on and checked the time “more than four o’clock” and went back to sleep. After I fell asleep, I had a dream. The content of the dream was very complicated, and I couldn’t recall anything. I knew that I forced myself to wake up from the dream later.

When I woke up again, I looked at the time “about five o’clock ? 20”. I got up, opened the “corner of the curtains” and looked out the window. Yesterday’s rain? has passed, and the only thing left is the cold air? except for the muddy ground. There were few pedestrians on the road, and a cold wind ? blew towards me through the window. It was so cold that I should lie down on the bed and sleep without going out for a walk.

Lying on the bed, I felt the warmth of the quilt, but I couldn’t sleep. Open “Mobile Weather” and take a look. Today’s temperature is “11°”, so cold! ! ! After some self-encouragement later, I still got up and dressed, prepared to take a shower, had breakfast and then went out for a walk. Considering this temperature again, I also took out the factory uniform (coat ?) that I used to work in the factory and put it on my body, it didn’t feel so cold. By the way, I also brought an umbrella ? because the weather forecast said it might rain at seven or eight o’clock.

After I was busy for a whole day, I went out with “kitchen waste”, and the time was “about 5:50”. When I went out, I thought about it, and it felt like he was woken up by me. I still have to study how to adjust the time.

There are a lot fewer people in the park today. It is estimated that it is too cold and no one goes out. I was going to go back in a circle like yesterday. Considering that it might rain at seven or eight o’clock, I quickened my pace. According to the KEEP reminder, my walking speed was one minute faster.

I came to the intersection of the familiar traffic lights?. I was afraid of being hit by a car. I looked left and right, and I felt safe. Hurry over and reach the opposite side safely, haha.

After walking a few hundred meters, I saw a stall selling vegetables on the side of the road. There were quite a lot of people there, so I went over to take a look. I don’t know what kind of vegetables they sell. “2.5 yuan” per pound is quite a big bundle. I bought a bundle of noodles ready to cook, and then bought “carrots and green beans” at this stall. In the end, there were three dishes in total. Consumption “9.9 yuan”. I don’t know if I’ve been scammed or not. I didn’t read the scale (I didn’t understand it), I just listened to the big sister giving me the price (I didn’t hear it clearly, there were many people and it was quite noisy), mainly because my mother asked me to sell vegetables a lot. Zai, I’m scared ?.

After buying the food, I was about to leave, but when I saw a seller of “tofu”, I stepped forward and glanced at it. There were “thousands”, but there was no price marked. I was afraid of being slaughtered, and I was a little afraid. I just watched an uncle took a few “thousands” for “more than 3 yuan”, so I went forward and bought them. I also asked by the way, will it not be damaged in the refrigerator, and I bought it when I got a positive answer.

I took one point and one scale at random, and the big brother told me that it was just that much. As soon as I heard the big brother said that the price was “more than 2 yuan”, well, the big brother gave me “6 yuan”, and the big brother took a little more” “Thousands” are put on the scale, and a total of “6.4 yuan”. After I scanned the QR code to pay, I was going to take my “thousand sheets”, but the uncle in front had just paid and read “two bags of thousand sheets from me and him”, and he took my six-yuan bag. I told the “uncle” that this bag is mine, you are the bag, the uncle didn’t believe it, the boss said this bag was mine when he saw it, and you bought it for 3 yuan for 6 yuan. “Uncle” still didn’t believe it. He said that you were weighing me. The boss was helpless, so he weighed it again. When the uncle saw that you just said “3.3 yuan” to me, the scale showed that “3.2 yuan” was less than a cent. I’ll give you some tofu. In the end, I took my “thousand sheets” and left, and the big brother at the back shouted “Jinzhou Tofu” again.

I continued the second half of the journey, but I was always entangled in my heart ? Just about the “uncle” thing, because according to my analysis, I felt that he “intentionally took it wrong”, and I took a serious look at the two bags when I took it. , obviously one bag is larger and the other is smaller, can this be wrong?

I can’t blame me for thinking too bad about people, it’s mainly because of my personality, I can often observe other people’s words, actions, and eyes, and then analyze whether they have any opinions on me or something, hey, too Difficult.

After returning to the dormitory, I googled “Is the refrigerator bag good or not”, and the result I got was “It’s not good to put plastic bags in the refrigerator except for fresh-keeping bags.” I quickly took out all the vegetable bags that I had put in them before, and removed all the bags of vegetables I bought today, and put them in the refrigerator directly. I think there should be no problem!


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