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After a little rest in the dorm, I started my hodgepodge. The staple food is “blood rice cake”. I read Baidu and said that it can be cooked directly (I just typed here “Ahui” and asked me to climb the mountain, but I couldn’t say it), I cut the “blood rice cake” into strips, enoki mushroom and duck blood I also washed it and cut it and put it together with the blood rice cake, and then “Chinese cabbage, carrots, leeks, and green onions” were all cut into the pot.

After cooking for seven or eight minutes, I felt that the “blood rice cake” should be cooked, so I poured some “grape oil” and added “vinegar, salt, chicken essence, and pepper”, put it on the lid for a minute and serve.

When I ate it, I found one thing “too fresh”. I was tired of drinking boiled water to adjust the freshness. I wondered if it was because I put too much “chicken essence + pepper” and these dishes were also fresh and the whole was overdone. As for the blood rice cake, it feels okay to eat, but I can’t tell the taste, and the difference between it and white rice is not too big. After eating a big bowl, it almost gave me “nausea”, so I quickly took the special grapes 🍇 to eat and feel the pressure.

This afternoon’s nap may be postponed. I can’t eat too much. It’s not good for my body to take a nap before I digest it.

ps: I packed the remaining vegetables in a fresh-keeping bag, and then put a basin of water and put all the vegetables in it. The cool place is only in the room, so I put it under the bed.

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